Thirteen Things I Love About Fall

1. The Weather
I love the increased fog and the changing light.
2. Football
Train Boy starts football and it’s a blast.
3. Soccer
Demolition boy is doing soccer this year and he is loving it.
4. Work Starts to mellow out
For me, summer is frantically busy and Fall marks the end of the construction season.
5. Halloween stories
Some of my favorite paranormal authors usually have some great book come out.
6. My birthday
In September
7. School Starts
Now I won’t have to hear “I’m bored”, I’ll have to hear “I’m tired”. LOL!
8. Rain
I love the first rain of the season.
9. The leaves turning
Here the Oak trees turn a brilliant yellow interspersed between the evergreen Redwoods. It’s stunning.
10. Canning season
This is the time the Redneck and I head to our favorite produce stand near Pepperwood and buy tomatoes and other goodies for canning.
11. The Scout Inclement Weather Campout
I used to be afraid to camp in the rain. Now I think it’s fun.
12. The Boy Scout Spookeree
The boys stay up all night and do all kinds of cool activities.
13. Soup
I love that first pot of soup. Usually, at our house, it’s New England Clam Chowder.



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9 responses to “Thirteen Things I Love About Fall

  1. I can SO relate to #7, LOL! I love just about everything about fall — it’s my favorite season, for many of the same reasons. I’m ready for cool weather and jackets and football and soup and hot chocolate. *sigh*

  2. I was just admiring the changing light yesterday. Only in our case it comes from the forest fires.

  3. I adore fall. I hate being hot, so I enjoy sleeping in cool night air, and having to wear a sweatshirt in the evening. My larger knitting projects come out (the ones that are way too hot to have draped over my lap) and I enjoy knitting with a cup of coffee at my elbow.

  4. Love football, too! Great TT


    My TT is at

  5. Oh, fall is my favorite, too. Enjoy!

  6. We are so like-minded at times. I was just drooling over the thought of homemade chicken noodle soup the other day. Mmm…can’t wait to make those first pots of soup and stew!

  7. I love the cooler temps in the fall, but it won’t be fall here for a couple more months yet. I envy your leaves. Ours just turn that golden color.

  8. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year!

  9. Fall (autumn to me) is nice, but spring is my favorite. I’m off to China next week so I get an extra few weeks of autumn.

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