Crawling Out Of Edit Hell Just Sayin’

To my editor
Thanks for waiting the ETERNITY it took for me to do first round edits. I can’t believe what a snail’s pace that editing job took. It was mind numbing. In the end, I can’t tell if I made the damn thing stronger or not. When I recover I’ll figure it out. Right now? My brain hurts.
Just sayin’
To The Next Food Network Star
As usual you surprised me. As usual, the last three contenders for The Next Food Network Star were all good people as well as good cooks. I love love love your show. Oh, and THANK YOU for being on Hulu so I could catch up after missing three episodes.
Just sayin’
To “Covert Affairs”
I have to say the machinations of your show have been FASCINATING! I’m loving the direction you’ve taken the show. And I ADORE Annie Walker. And I love the relationship she has with her sister.
Just sayin’
To Michelle and Ingrid
OMG. I wouldn’t have made it through the rest of this summer without you. A whole week with you and I was able to do what I had to do to finish edits and take care of Scouting. Thank God for my friends.
Just sayin’
To The Cub Scout Bitches
I give. I’m kind of done. Demolition Boy crosses over and the pack is on its own.
Just sayin’
To you jerks at the County Fair Saturday night when I was trying to leave
Seriously? I waited patiently. I waited for one of you assholes to let me in so I could get the hell out of there after being there for six hours volunteering at the Model Railroad Club. Did you? Fuck no. And then, a bunch of you were aggressive dickwads and that apparently was the only way. So, if I almost caused an accident trying to get the fuck out of that stupid parking lot, too bad.
Just sayin’
To The Redneck
Honey, hang in there. It’s all going to pay off.
Just sayin’


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