Thirteen Things I Learned By Going To A Giants Game

Last Sunday was “Boy Scout Day with The San Francisco Giants”.
1. Distance is relative
When The Millionaire’s Wife says “Two Blocks” the reality is that ATT stadium is actually more than a mile’s walk from the Ferry Station.
2. Walking to the park from the Ferry station is awesome.
We got there early enough to stroll to the park, enjoy the artwork along the way and marvel at the buildings.
3. When a guy walks up and says he needs tickets so he and his son can go to the game…
He’s full of crap. Apparently, this is a thriving business. We had extra tickets and I got taken. I didn’t take any money because I figured that was scalping. (which is illegal). When the second…and third….and twelfth guys said he and his son needed tickets, I figured it was a scam.
4. The Redneck will stop by any location featured in a Robert Cray CD.
Like Red’s on the Embarcadero. I stayed outside. Not all that interested. But the Redneck was totally starstruck. LOL!
5. The closer to the field, the more expensive the food.
Dude! $6.25 for a lemonade! It was brutal!
6. The price you see is NOT always the price you get.
A couple of examples. I bought tickets online. Face price $14. I paid $33. And when I bought pins for everyone who attended, the price said $8. He charged me $10.
7. “Tailgate party” means you show up and pay through the nose.
Boy Scout Day touted a tailgate party. Yep. This was a concession stand with $5 hot dogs and $3 water (which was a 6oz glass of water, not a bottle). Supposedly all proceeds went to Boy Scouts, so it wasn’t too bad.
8. Sunscreen. Reapply.
I had spf 100 and still got sunburned because I didn’t put more on.
9. Every place you need to be is on the other side of the stadium.
It’s like a law or something.
10. Confusion and chaos are part of the experience
And crowds. ATT park’s security is absolutely amazing.
11. Giants fans are awesome!!!!
Even drunk and loud, they were fun.
12. Brian Wilson lives up to his slogan.
Fear the beard? Damn right.
13. No matter how stressful, the trip was totally worth it.
My kids got to be on the field with the World Series Champions. AWESOME!!!!!



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4 responses to “Thirteen Things I Learned By Going To A Giants Game

  1. Sounds like an expensive but good time!

  2. number 9…. soooo true!

    sounds like a good time was had by all… which to the “church” of baseball! xoxo

  3. Sue

    Sounds like it was totally worth the money 🙂 You can’t put a price tag on memories like that!

  4. ‘Every place you need to be is on the other side of the stadium.
    It’s like a law or something.’

    LOL, Jen!

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