It’s All About Give And Take Just Sayin’

To No One In Particular
THIS really pissed me off. Why? A couple of reasons. I am SO TIRED of the place I live being known for its pot. Fishing, logging, big Redwood trees, mild weather and all anyone can EVER talk about is the stupid pot. And by the way? I am UNIMPRESSED that a bunch of “back to the landers” came up here and started the whole process of pot growing. What sucks is how many local, long time residents have been pulled into the fray. Growing is such an integral part of our society here and there’s no room for judgment. In other words, I know too many people who have been dragged into the shitty lifestyle of pot growing that I can’t unequivocally denounce the practice without indirectly judging people I like. It’s a shame, however, that something that I view as an unfortunate part of our county is so acceptable, so common. Believe me, I KNOW that cannibus can be an effective drug for some who need it-cancer patients, AIDS patients, etc. But that small population that are able to use the drug to help are WAY outnumbered by the people who use it to “get high”. I don’t condone recreation use of pot anymore than I think someone should pop Vicodin because they “have a headache and want to relax”. And I’m SICK AND TIRED of the place I live being known as “POT COUNTRY”.
Just sayin’
To The Cub Scout Bitches
Well, interesting weekend. I think it’s safe to say all three of us lost our shit. Let me just say that I don’t care I love you anyway. But we sure earned those Bitch t-shirts this weekend.
Just sayin’
To Summer
Allergies. Depression. Sun too bright. All in all? Fuck you.
Just sayin’
To Relay For Life 2011
OMG! AWESOME! We had a blast. Despite the fact that my feet are KILLING me. Despite the fact that some of my kids made me insane. Despite the fact that the Cub Scout Bitches made an appearance (and almost ended up in a very public rumble), it was a FANTASTIC experience. We’ll definitely be there next year.
Just sayin’



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5 responses to “It’s All About Give And Take Just Sayin’

  1. I know you and I are on opposite sides of this and still I just had to poke my nose in and say, “why is whiskey legal and pot is not…?” ;>

  2. I guess I don’t understand why marijuana is so bad to use for recreation but alcohol is not?

  3. Jen

    Actually, it is illegal. I can’t distill it myself. It’s illegal. I can’t drink it unless I’m over 21. I can’t drink and drive. I can’t be drunk in public.

    All of these are laws pertaining to the use of alcohol. We’re required to follow them. But pot? The laws are confusing and never followed. Those with 215 cards are growing for recreational users that aren’t legal at this time.

    As medication, it’s sold without regulation, without approval from any agency whatsoever, so that those who use it are easily preyed upon by some who are unscrupulous.

    In this instance, I think it’s shit or get off the pot. Legalize and regulate the fuck out of it or stamp it out. This in between shit makes me twitchy. LOL.

    And I love listening to your take Kym. I recognize pot is here to stay, but I hope that our county is known for more positive things. Pot, at this time, is still federally illegal. Until that changes, it’s still criminal. And not positive.

  4. Oh, Jen…i’m with you. I just wish it would be legalized. But mainly…I get so damn tired of hearing about pot. Really….you’d think there was absolutely nothing else to talk about here sometimes. It doesn’t necessarily make me angry…..just bored.

    • Jen

      Yeah. I wouldn’t mind so much if it didn’t seem like a lot of the crime (at least in Fortuna) seem to be pot related.
      That said, I’m pretty sure our neighbors are growers and they’re awesome. It’s just such a conundrum.

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