Thirteen Reasons I Relay

This weekend is our local Relay For Life event. I’m the team captain for the team “Scouting For The Cure” and here’s why I relay.

1. My mom has had breast cancer three times
2. My Grandpa North died of Colon Cancer.
3. The Redneck’s Grandma Patton
4. To honor those fighting.
5. To make sure there’s money for research and medicine
6. So cancer victims and their families know they’re not alone
7. Because a lot of the money goes back to local programs
8. Because this is one of the most inspiring stories. For Alex.

9. This explains it a little.
10. It’s one of the coolest local events ever.
11. To remember. To always remember.
12. Because it’s a fun….
13. …Yet awe inspiring.



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9 responses to “Thirteen Reasons I Relay

  1. You are an amazing woman….

  2. Awesome! I hope it’s a huge success.

  3. Kudos! I hope you have a fun and safe event!

  4. All excellent reasons for getting involved.

  5. I bawled at Alex’s vid. You, go, Jenn! make difference.

  6. All I can think to say is, Thank You!


    13 Smileys

  7. Sweet! Our relay was in April…too hot to do it now…but something I make sure I don’t miss. Thanks for doing your part.


  8. Fantastic. Your doing an awesome job. Coming from a family with more than its fair share of cancer vitems, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🙂


  9. Good for you! It’s a great cause.

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