Whiskey Wednesday Worthy

I know everyone has been discussing the Casey Anthony case. This morning, my Yahoo mail touted THIS ARTICLE. It made me want to start drinking and it’s not even six in the morning yet.
Here’s the thing. Casey Anthony is responsible for her daughter’s death. Whether she “accidentally” killed the little girl or she murdered her, she was the Mom and Caylee deserved better than a swampy grave and animals chewing on her bones.
But see, I’m not worried. Casey has stored up some nasty Karma for herself. There is NOTHING like taunting the universe with a tattoo that says “Bella Vita” (The Good Life) when you’re daughter is “missing”, laying on a forest floor decomposing. Let’s just say that, while I have little faith in the court system, I do have faith in the Universe’s capacity for setting things right. Though people like Casey Anthony, O.J. Simpson and others may seem to thrive, waiting for them is the unbalanced Karmic cloud that will, at some point, demand payment.
It’s hard to watch while we wait, however. Hence the Whiskey.
So, Casey may enjoy an 8 million dollar book deal and begin to live the party life she always wanted, but there will be an accounting. I believe it with my entire being. Meanwhile, Caylee Anthony is in a better place, with a better Mom and better Grandparents. (I’m sorry. I don’t feel sorry for them. They’ve condoned their daughter’s behavior). She’s playing right now, laughing, happy. Something she never could have had with Casey as her mother. Justice for her will come, but Caylee is free of all that. The one comfort I find in all of this is that little girl is now being loved in the way she deserved.
The truth? Who knows what happened. All I know is that whatever injustice has been done will be atoned. Maybe not in the way our bloodthirsty society may want, but in a way that creates balance.
Honestly, though O.J. Simpson was acquitted for his ex-wife’s murder, those who managed to get him off didn’t thrive. And Simpson himself is serving 9 to 33 years in prison.
What goes around comes around.



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2 responses to “Whiskey Wednesday Worthy

  1. I think the world is shocked including me that they did not find her guilty. She might not pay now but there will be a time when she will be judged and there will not be a way to get away..

  2. Jen

    I was shocked too, Savannah. But, like you, I know she’ll pay.

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