*Le Sigh*

*Gathers Difficult Characters together*
Me: We need to have a conversation. You do understand I have a full time job now. I can’t whip out 30K I’m not going to use. I COULD use a little cooperation.
Dominique: I tried to warn you. I want to discuss it. Now that you’ve outed me on the page, I really don’t have much to say to you.
Me: Well, when I told it the way you WISH it would have happened, it was a wall banger. I thought you WANTED me to tell your story.
Cherie Is that all it takes? I want you to tell MINE.
Me:A vague idea of a story isn’t going to get me through to the end, Cherie.
Cherie You’ve written one with less.
Me: *mutters* Not lately.
Jeremy Look (*speaking in reasonable tones*) you know you need to write this story first and put Ben and Dominique on hold until we tell OUR story. In the long run, it’ll make things easier.
Me:*skeptical* Right. I hate to tell you, Jeremy, but none of you guys has EVER made my life easier.
CherieYou know you want to write this story.
Me:*groans* Okay, okay. But I need more than a vague beginning and a few glimpses.
Jeremy*whispers* I told you she’d cave in.
Cherie*whispers back* It wasn’t all THAT hard.
Me: You all are going to be the death of me.
Dominique Don’t worry, Sugar. You’ll survive.


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