Getting Away From It All

We finally made it to George’s Folly Camp this weekend.
The Redneck told me something interesting while we were there. We talked about how George’s Folly Camp got its name. He had read a story written by Viola Russ McBride about one of the ranchers in that area, George Burgess, that talked about how the rancher had been checking on his herds being watched by one of his ranch hands. Apparently, he arrived at the camp along the VanDuzen River late at night and found his man asleep. Burgess laid out his bedroll and went to sleep. He woke up the next morning and discovered his ranch hand was dead and he’d been sleeping beside a corpse.
The Redneck combines this story with his knowledge of a little known campsite called “George’s Folly Camp”, once listed on BLM maps as such, but has since been completely dropped off.
It’s fascinating to me how an area can get a name but the reasons for it can sometimes be forgotten. George’s Folly Camp is my favorite place to go. It’s a spiritual haven for our family, filled with all the spirits of the ancestors that went before us. Our dog Rowdy is buried there. The Redneck wants his ashes taken there. It’s a special place.


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  1. The pictures look great..Looks like you are all having a great time…

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