Thirteen Things About The Redneck

The Redneck’s birthday is Saturday, so here’s a few things about him.
1. He’s part Yurok/Karuk Indian
His grandmother is half Native American. They’re descended from the Yurok, Karuk and the Chimerico.
2. He’s fourth generation Eureka, California.
His family has lived in Humboldt County dating back to the Indians, but they’ve lived in Eureka four generations until he and I moved to Fortuna.
3. He writes poetry
I think it’s pretty good too.
4. He just had gastric bypass surgery last August
He was 500 pounds. Now he’s at about 350 and he has tons of energy.
5. He loves being Scoutmaster Joe
But I think it’s just because it has the word “Master” in it. LOL!
6. He’s going to be 45
I remember when I thought that was OLD. LOL!
7. He’s stubborn as hell
8. And generous to a fault
He works hard to help out others.
9. He’s never flown in an airplane.
And says he never will.
10. He’s an awesome cook
Especially when we’re camping.
11. He’s a bit of a rebel
He doesn’t go along with the crowd.
12. He won’t wash dishes.
13. He’s an awesome Dad. The best!
Happy Birthday, honey.



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15 responses to “Thirteen Things About The Redneck

  1. How sweet! I really enjoyed this list. He sounds like a fun guy to know.

  2. Happy birthday! I think it’s cool that he writes poetry.

  3. Great TT! Tell him Happy Birthday!


    My TT is at

  4. He’s a pretty interesting guy.

  5. April Morelock

    Tell ’em Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. That’s quite a huge weight loss–good for him! Wishing him a happy birthday and father’s day!

  7. He sounds fun! I luv a man that can cook, is creative, and is an awesome father. Happy Birthday to him and congrats on the weight-loss! Wish him a Happy Father’s Day for me, too! 🙂

  8. Thaat’s a nice tribute to the redneck. And about #9? I’;m right there with him. I flew to Lori Foster’;s thjing earlier this month and I discovered then that I DON’T LIKE not being attached to the ground. lol

  9. Happy birthday and happy father’s day to Scoutmaster Joe.


  10. Happy Early birthday….I love how you call him Redneck…LOL..Great T13

  11. Happy Birthday, Happy Father’s Day, Happy Energy and New Life! 🙂

    Happy TT,

    13 DVR’d Shows

  12. Happy birthday to the Redneck *grin*

  13. Carla Krae

    Happy birthday to him. Fun list.

  14. Happy Birthday (a day late)! Sounds like a keeper, Jennifer. Good 4 you!
    Happy T13!

  15. happppy birthday….sounds like youve got a keeper xoxoxo

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