My Volunteerism Is Showing……

Hi, I’m Jennifer and I’m an over volunteerererer.
*crowd replies* Hi Jennifer.
It seems like every time I get involved in something, I immerse myself completely. I did it with Al-Anon to the point to where I had to step away entirely to gain some distance and sanity. I’ve done it with writing until I found some balance.
Now, I’m doing it in Boy Scouts. Believe me, Boy Scouts would take my blood if I was dumb enough to open a vein. They’d find SOME use for it. By the end of the camp out at Patrick’s Point June 4 and 5, I was tired, burned out, pretty wiped out. All week I didn’t sleep well, KNOWING the Scoutorama was the next Saturday and hoping it would go well. But as usual, God taught me a lesson-one I’ve learned but still need to be reminded of occasionally.
For Scoutorama, I created a Scavenger Hunt. I thought it was simple. Each station had two pictures and the players had to choose which one was an item in a Shelterbox. Easy peasy. Except that everything on the map changed and people ran around crazy.
It was a complete cluster fuck.
And then, I remembered something an Al-Anon speaker had said. She’d done something similar, created a game that required following directions and so on. She said the first thing that happened was somebody cheated. And then everyone was running around like chickens with their heads cut off. The line I remembered was at the end, when the speaker said “I get it! This is what God must feel like!”
Isn’t it the truth.
We’re usually given an opportunity to learn life’s lessons. Some are Spiritual, others more down to Earth. But they’re all supposed to help us grow. Yet sometimes, I have a tough time learning the lesson.
Like saying “no”.
Or letting others experience their own consequences.
Or not volunteering so much of myself that there’s nothing left of me.
I’ve had the boundaries lesson tons of times. Everytime I think I’ve got it, something gets me.
Nobody is going to want to help me do my job if I look all burned out and stuff.
Just sayin’


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One response to “My Volunteerism Is Showing……

  1. You need to take a step back and slow down…You really don’t want to burn out…

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