Thirteen Characters I Love!

1. Gideon Green
From Joey W. Hill’s “Vampire Mistress” and “Vampire Trinity”.
2. Dr. Mac Brooke
“Geek” character in “Heaven and Earth”, the second book in the Three Sisters Island Trilogy.
3. Gator Fortenot
From Christine Feehan’s “Night Game” in the Ghost Walker series. (My FAVORITE)
4. Dr. Sara Fergus
From Christine D’Abo’s “The Bond That Heals Us”.
5. Mace Simms
From Christine D’Abo’s “No Remedy”.
6. Cynthiana
From Crystal Jordan’s “Big Girls Don’t Die”.
7. Mistress Marguerite
From “Ice Queen” and “Mirror of my Soul” by Joey W. Hill.
8. Sergeant Dana
from “Honor Bound” by Joey W. Hill.
9. Peter Howard
from “Simply Sinful” by Kate Pearce
10. Kathleen Mallory
from the series by Carol O’Connell
11. Chaz Bergren
from “Gabriel’s Ghost”and “Shades of Dark” by Linnea Sinclair
12 Trilby Elliot
from “Finder’s Keepers” by Linnea Sinclair
13 Lady Jane Minshom
from “Simply Insatiable” by Kate Pearce.



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20 responses to “Thirteen Characters I Love!

  1. What a fun list! You’ve given me some more reading options. Happy TT!

  2. I take it your a fan of Joey Hill? I guess I need to read me some.
    Happy T13!

  3. One day – I can feel it – one day, one of my characters will be on a list like this. Then I’ll know I’ve hit the big time. 😉


    Happy TT!

  4. LOL I knew of your Peter love but I’m surprised you picked Jane-although, in my opinion, she deserves to be on many lists simply for putting up with her husband. 🙂

    • Jen

      I love Jane because it’s her love, her persistence that redeems Minshom. And that man needed it. She is a fantastic character.

  5. As if my TBR weren’t already big enough.

  6. Umm…can’t say I have heard of (or read) any of these. Mine is book-related this week as well. 😉

    • Jen

      I could have added Inspector Rodrick Alleyn from Ngaio Marsh books, Constable Evans from Rhys Bowen books and Annie Darling from Carolyn G. Hart mysteries. Oh, and I LOVE Miss Silver from Patricia Wentworth’s books.

  7. I have to agree with a lot of these. Great list, Jennifer.

  8. Some of these are new and some I’m not familiar with…

  9. I feel as though I should read some Joey W. Hill now. If so many of her characters made your list, she must be doing something right!

    • Jen

      Joey Hill writes a lot of character driven stuff. She’s one of the few writers who can write in any genre and I’ll love it. Vamps, contemporary BDSM, paranormal or whatever. Surprisingly, the mood may change, but her attention to detail with her characterization is the same.

  10. oooh I see some Kate Pearce on there and I have to agree with you! Nice list.

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