So…the world didn’t end so I had to wash cars just sayin’

To Harold Camping
Dude. I think Bible interpretation is not your thing. Of course, you did create a stir on the internet and we heathens tried (and many failed) not to mock you. But I will say this. Jesus was very clear about the end of times. We aren’t going to know it’s coming. So, quit guessing. It just makes us heathens sigh.
Just sayin’
To The Original Cub Scout Bitch
Don’t call a hangover a migraine. It’s annoying. (I hope she never finds this blog. She’ll kill me)
Just sayin’
To The Millionaire’s wife
Your birthday was on Saturday. I remembered. I did. I just suck big donkey balls when it comes to birthdays. So, I’ll make it up to you. I hope.
Just sayin’
To The Redneck
You are the best. The absolute best.
Just sayin’
To Troop 47
Third place boys. THIRD PLACE!!!!!!!!! You are AWESOME!!!!!!!! Considering this was your very first Camporee, that this troop didn’t exist until March of this year, that the Redneck has been out of town, I’d say this was a well-earned victory. Celebrate!
Just sayin’
To the Rest of the Cub Scout Bitches
Never again.

Just sayin’



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6 responses to “So…the world didn’t end so I had to wash cars just sayin’

  1. April Morelock

    You are so awesome… and here I just sat around all weekend relaxing, reading, and thinking about quilting.

    Great pic — you starting a service. My car needs a wash too :> Oh, and Mike’s Car Wash refuses to wash my husband’s truck — they’ve kicked him out because his truck is so bad. We’d pay you a pretty penny to wash them down :>


  2. You love to speak your mind…Good for you…

  3. Dulcey

    You are becoming an Inspiration to me for Scouting. Thank you for Being There!

    My home computer is not yet back from Intensive Care so I’m not getting emails at home. Reply to my DW acct. Do you have my LJ acct? BUT! Google the COH I mentioned at Werk. I’ve found tons of good stuff. Choose a quick outline, pepper with anecdotes and “Ceremony” and have at it. Call me at Werk or home at the Ranger’s #, please, if you want. I can describe COH now that I have researched. Also, I have a favor to ask of you about setting up a FB acct.

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