News, Notes and Stuff

Sorry I missed my usual Thursday Thirteen. I’ve found this gig Life being a bit of a roller coaster.
So, news.
The Redneck is back at Mad River Bridge and I am SO glad to have him home. I missed him terribly. Plus, he left me in charge of the Boy Scout Troop he JUST started in March. On top of everything else, that just about killed me. Of course, the Redneck is convinced I didn’t do all THAT much. *rolls eyes*. He’s taking the Troop on a Camporee this weekend at Fort Humboldt. It should be a blast, but alas, I won’t be going. It’s a Boy Scout thing and my kids aren’t Boy Scouts yet. Their still Cubs. Is it bad that I’m kind of hoping it rains on them? Well, they don’t call me a Cub Scout Bitch for nothing.
I’ve finally gotten my writing (the “Biz” part of writing) off the ground and shook off the early rejections from this year. Three submissions have led to two contracts with one still out (and not rejected yet. This is good). The books are going well and I think I’ve kicked the depression around the writing that was kicking my ass since last summer.
My current project is…complicated. LOL! “Wish Upon A Star” is…wait for it….a Christmas themed, BDSM Erotic Sci Fi, fem domme menage. Yep. That’s right. And this threesome has a threesome HEA. Andia hasn’t been too difficult, mainly because she has submissive tendencies that make her easier for me to relate to. My past fem dommes have been secretive, almost paranoid. Though Andia shares those traits, she’s also willing to open up for the sake of the story. I love characters like that. Christophe, on the other hand, tends to hide away, trying to blend into the background. I’m not sure what his damage is, but I’m sure it will come out when I least expect it.
Zevon, of course, is both Dom and male sub with all the variations that go along with someone that switchy. I have to give them credit. These three haven’t been reticent at all and that’s impressive.
Here’s my visual inspiration for Zevon, Christophe and Andia.

Our Cub Scout pack is kicking ass and taking names. The Cub Scout Bitches rock. We’ve managed to advance the kids, do a Bike day, have fun and go fishing. I have to share this pic with you since it was one of the most peaceful moments I’ve had in the last two months and I have the Cubs to thank for it.

This Sunday we’re doing a Car Wash fundraiser. I hope it goes well.
The Evil Day Job has been….interesting. The Big Boss is on vacation. My immediate Boss went on extended leave two weeks ago and he may not be back. (In fact, I’m pretty sure he won’t be, but it’s not official). The Co-Worker that had been “laid off” March 30th was rehired (or whatever) to fill in while Boss is gone. He’s been awesome and I’m pretty sure I’d better get used to him since he may be my Boss’s replacement. Of course, with the economy being what it is, they may shut down the whole office and write us off as a loss. I don’t know. Nothing like stability, eh?
Oh, and the bullying thing. I’m waiting until my kids aren’t in Ambrosini anymore to address the issue with the School Board. All the paperwork I dug up from the District has no bullying policy, though it mentions hazing very briefly (and unsatisfactorily). I am still irritated every time I see Cartoon Network’s “Stop Bullying” Campaign which seems to (IMHO) continue the stereotypical bully–bigger, lunch-money stealing evil boy–rather than addressing the changing times. But I’m not ready to address it officially yet. I’ll be putting together my battle plan soon though, since both my boys are moving onto Toddy Thomas next year.
Train Boy received his Hunter Safety Certificate from Grundman’s owner which is a double honor IMHO. Fred Grundman did an archery presentation that made me wish we had more time for that section of the Hunter Safety class. Don’t worry. I’ll be hitting him up for Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts. You know I will. LOL!
Demolition Boy has impressed me….and pissed me off several times in the last few months. This summer will be a huge challenge for all of us, but especially for him. He really loves hanging with the family and we’re going to be so darn busy that I’m not sure how much of that will happen. That said, I know he’ll be the happiest to be out of school.
So, be looking for more information on my upcoming books. “Dark Revenge”, (Erotic Sci Fi novel contracted with Ellora’s Cave), “Commanded To Dream” (erotic sci fi contracted with Liquid Silver Books) “Wish Upon A Star” (erotic fem domme sci fi not contracted yet. Hell it’s not FINISHED yet. LOL), and “Marked For Danger” (subbed but not contracted yet).
I think that’s it.
Oh wait.
One more thing.
I’ve discovered a new obsession, one that may cause issues in the future.
That’s right.
Starbucks Double Shot Energy+Coffee Moca flavor.



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3 responses to “News, Notes and Stuff

  1. Congrats on the contracts and that things are going well…

  2. I couldn’t read anymore after the pics of the guys showed up on the left. I started drooling and my eyes crossed. hubba hubba! LOL

  3. April Morelock

    Step away from the Starbucks woman!!! Step AWAY!


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