Thirteen of my Favorite Joey W. Hill Books

Most of you know I love Joey W. Hill. Here’s thirteen of my favorites and why.
1. Choice Of Masters
This one was just rereleased with Ellora’s Cave. I find that I haven’t purchased a lot of Joey’s stories because they were part of an anthology. I snapped this one up and… WOW! Here’s the thing. This one is set in Medieval England post Arthur. Faaaantastic. I love it. It made me think about…
2. The Vampire Queen’s Servant
I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it, but I don’t like vamp books. No, I haven’t seen “Twilight” or “True Blood”. Yet, when Joey came out with a Vamp book, I picked it up, hoping that my faith in the author wasn’t misplaced. And it totally wasn’t. This is an awesome book. AWESOME!
3. Beloved Vampire
I think this was one of my favorites because of the glimpse into Joey’s vampire world. Plus, Mason is totally drool worthy and enigmatic. Jessica’s angst is special because of how she overcomes it. And this was my absolute favorite book in the series until…
4. Vampire Trinity
Gideon has become my favorite Joey W. Hill character (edging out Mac Nighthorse and Tyler). The man is broken, dangerous and absolutely lovable. I can’t tell you what this book did to me. You can’t really read it without reading “Vampire Mistress”, but it’s the best of the series. And speaking of best of a series…
5. Mistress Of Redeption tops my list from the “Nature of Desires” series. The redemption of Jonathan is one of the most gut wrenching, heart stopping stories ever.
6. Natural Law
was the first book I ever read by Joey and my first fem domme. Mac, the male submissive, was my absolute favorite character for a looooooong time until Gideon took his place.
7. Rough Canvas
was one of the few m/m stories Joey has written and it’s a gem! I’ve reread this one again and again. I love the different emotional landmines that are detonated in this one. It’s worth reading.
8. Ice Queen
and the must read with it…
9. Mirror of My Soul
are two of the strongest and psychologically fascinating books I’ve read to date. Tyler and Marguerite are strong, unforgettable characters that have become a regular reread for me.
10. Holding The Cards is the first in the “Nature of Desires” series and one of the last books I read in that series. Odd, right? It was worth waiting for. I love the interplay between the three people and the way that Joey resolves the story. It’s a great kick off to an awesome series. And speaking of great kickoffs….
11. “Board Resolution”
kicks off the “Knights of the Boardroom” series and it ROCKS. It was originally part of an anthology so I didn’t catch it. It’s still my favorite of the series. But….
12 “Honor Bound”
is definitely up there close to my favorite. This short story made me cry, made my stomach ache. In fact, this series really does that with every tale. And my last Joey favorite is…
13. “Afterlife”
Unforgettable stories. Unforgettable characters. Unforgettable emotion. She’s worth every penny I’ve spent (since some I like to buy in ebook AND print). Check her out.



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8 responses to “Thirteen of my Favorite Joey W. Hill Books

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of her. They sound interesting. I’ll have to check them out!


    My TT is at

  2. I adore her work…..I am addicted to the books…

  3. I’ve never yet read a Joey Hill book. You may have just changed that.

  4. Looks like she’s got a great backlist. Thanks for the intro.

  5. I’m another person who hasn’t heard of this writer. I lead a rather sheltered life, though. Heh.

    Happy (belated) TT!

  6. Can’t say that I’ve heard of this author, but trhen – I haven’t read that many books from EC.

  7. Not familiar with this author, but then — I haven’t read that many books from EC.

  8. Sounds great! Thank you for sharing.

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