Yep I’m Still Pissed Just Sayin’

To Kena Vernon
You know, there has been some shoddy reporting done in the past. Example: The misinformation spread after Columbine, that the two shooters had been mercilessly bullied (untrue). But I’d like to think most reporters will follow up with something that covers all sides of an issue if they screw up the first time.
Not you.
First, you come out with this crappy piece of…NOT journalism. Online kerfuffle ensues. Support page for Judy Mays is created. Hashtag #supportJudyMays is on Twitter constantly. Your follow up? Pathetic. What I find most interesting is that you located a YouTube video of Judy Mays but failed to mention anything she said on the video. Which wasn’t much. (It’s hard to hear anything on that vid frankly). Here’s what she DOESN’T do on the video. She doesn’t reveal her real name. She doesn’t say where she’s from. She doesn’t say anything about teaching. What she does is talk about her next release. Now, if it hadn’t been for you, no one would have made the connection at all. Also, I would hope that you would actually research her stories and the genre that she writes for. My opinion is that you went for sensationalism. You got it. In spades. Your credibility is in the crapper.
Just sayin’
To The Navy Seals
Great job. I can breathe a little easier these days.
Just Sayin’
To The Universe
We finish wrestling and go right into football sign ups? Shoot me now.
Just sayin’


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One response to “Yep I’m Still Pissed Just Sayin’

  1. April Morelock

    Do you ever get a break? Of course, this is the mom that just committed both of her kids to 6 1/2 and 9 1/2 hours in the gym each week and that DOESN”T include the 6-10 meets they’ll have to go to, booster fees, and uniforms.

    Then again… I’m not dealing with wrestling. That sounds like a nightmare.


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