Thirteen Reasons To Support Judy Mays

As an erotic romance author, I couldn’t believe the ridiculous parent reaction to the discovery that Judy Mays taught English at a local high school. The comments were outrageous.
Here’s thirteen reasons to support Judy Mays.
1. Supporting Judy Mays would be against the parents in THIS VIDEO.
2. Perhaps Kelli Hornburger, one of the “disgusted parents” will learn that her son’s thoughts are not Judy Mays’s responsibility
3. She writes Wolfies! and has for a long time.
4. She writes aliens!just for me.
5. She even writes vampiresof the Redneck variety.
6. Because a outing an author’s pen name publicly is WRONG!
7. Because WNEP’s Kena Vernon did a shoddy job of reporting.
8. Because Erotic Romance-reading it or writing it–is not illegal
9. Or even immoral or “porn” despite what Wendy Apple thinks.
10. Because the ONLY INDISCREET PERSON was Kelli Hornburger and Wendy Apple
11. Because Judy Mays was smart enough not to respond to this nonsense.
12. Because it’s so scary that it could happen to any of us.
13. Because, in the long run, Judy Mays has been an example of class through the whole thing and I’ve bought a bunch of her books to support her.



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15 responses to “Thirteen Reasons To Support Judy Mays

  1. No matter what we have to stand up..If they can do that to her what will stop them from doing it to other authors.

  2. voireylinger

    What JenL said.

  3. Hear, hear! That “news report” was way out of line and the parents’ reactions ridiculous.

  4. Missplaced, but not terribly surprising. I’m behind her, for what good that might do.

  5. The poor woman.

    The reaction by the parents and new was way over the top.

  6. Great TT! It’s good to hear the community is supporting her!


    My TT is at

  7. April Morelock

    I hope she sells a crap load of books, becomes the next Best-Selling Author and she can smirk at those idiots who outed her.

    Me, I would have taken all the publicity and gone for broke — Good Morning America, The Today Show… I’m there ;>

    Good for her being a class act though. Tribute to her — I might have to forgo a couple of Pitbull singles I was planning to buy JUST so I can get a couple of her books — since someone really special got me an uber cool gift card for my birthen day :>!!!!!!!!

  8. I just couldn’t believe this when I saw it. I agree with everything you’ve said. Judy has acted admirably throughout the entire debacle.

  9. This whole thing is just sheer madness – start to finish! I’m with you on number 12, too – it could happen to any writer, no matter what they write about. And that is simply terrifying.

  10. Can you say “overreaction”? Good grief, they are words on a page. And they’re about sex, not crimes, people. I hate that this woman has to go through this and how judgmental can be over the books and authors in this industry.

  11. Seems to me they like to teach “free speech” in history class. I wonder what lesson this school skipped…

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