I’ve Decided I Don’t Like Easter Just Sayin’

To Jesus
Don’t get me wrong. I understand the concept of Easter–the sacrifice, the intense pain and death you went through and your amazing resurrection. But sometimes I think the drama gets to me. I don’t like that this time of year, there seems to be a depressing quality to the “celebration”. Of course, maybe it’s just me. I get the feeling Christians try and separate themselves from the Bunny Basket Egg Coloring bunch by emphasizing the horrific details of Your capture, Your imprisonment and Your death. Even Your resurrection is almost an afterthought in the outright dramatic, bloody story. Add to it that this holiday has ALWAYS triggered guilt and frustration for me, and there’s just a lot of “yuck” associated with it. Sometimes I wonder if You feel the same way. Believe me, I’m not questioning any of it. I’m complaining about how we go about it. Not that You had anything to do with it, but can you have a little talk with those who are speaking for You? Can you let them know that guilt and horror are temporary leverages and that hope is a more long term solution? What is it about us humans that focuses on the negative? Far right believers focus on Deuteronomy to condemn homosexuality when the fact is that You never said a WORD about it. (Though you condemned Divorce). Some male members of the believing community focus on Paul’s writings to put down women in the church. Yet, Your life, Your words never did any of that. It makes me wonder if religion-inspired by You but made by Man-is really the answer. Anyway, I want you to know that I’d rather celebrate Your life than Your death. I’d rather try and focus on the log in my own eye (and it’s a friggin’ forest in there) than point my finger. So, if I wasn’t exactly doing well yesterday, I know You’ll understand.
Just Sayin’
No new episodes last week? Dude! Send an email! I was spiraling. Spiraling, I tell you!
Just sayin’
To The Redneck
When all is said and done, baby, what we “do” isn’t as important as who we love. That’s my conclusion. I’ve always said that love is never wasted. Never. Even if it isn’t returned or appreciated. The same holds true for the things we’re doing now. We’re showing the love we have in our own way. That’s all that matters. The rest? Is just noise. It’s “sound and fury, signifying nothing”.
Just sayin’



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4 responses to “I’ve Decided I Don’t Like Easter Just Sayin’

  1. “I’ve always said that love is never wasted.”


  2. Jen

    You’re a good example of that, ATM.

  3. April Morelock

    You’ve completely confused me but whatever the issues — sorry that you didn’t enjoy Easter like you could have!!!


  4. Jen

    Awww thanks hon.
    I probably confused you because, well, I’m confused too. LOL!

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