The Weaverfields Heir by David Bridger

I like and respect David as an author. If you enjoy epic stories, he’s your writer.
A new release – THE WEAVERFIELDS HEIR by David Bridger

When Kate Richards inherits a dilapidated English estate from her estranged grandfather, she finds herself thrust into a world full of hostile new family members, mysterious Romany tenants, and strange visions of “the net” – an invisible web that connects everything in the universe. Kate thinks she’s losing her sanity, but the odd family stories and disturbing tales of locals convince her that something sinister is going on at Weaverfields, while the inescapable pull of the net draws her deeper into the secrets of her new home.

But with those secrets come danger, and an old evil that refuses to let go of its hold on the net – or on Weaverfields. The only person who seems to understand is Joe, a Romany street artist with his own ties to the land. Kate and Joe must master the net before the past intrudes on the present… in very ugly ways…

Read an excerpt and buy The Weaverfields Heir at Etopia Press.



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3 responses to “The Weaverfields Heir by David Bridger

  1. I saw this cover when it was first posted on the publisher blog and I loved it… It is on my to be read list…

  2. The excerpt reminded me of a sequence in ‘The Mountain and The Valley’ by Ernest Buckler, a Canadian Literature novel written by a fellow Nova Scotian. Towards the end of that story, he starts to see and sense a joining pattern with everything around him.

    Sending Easter greetings, Jen – hope you’re doing well.

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