It’s All Worth Something, Right Just sayin’

To The Redneck
I keep the faith that all this stuff we’re doing, all the things we’re sacrificing are worth it. I can’t help feeling pessimistic, that the work we’ve begun will fade away into nothingness. Maybe it’s because I don’t have confidence that our footsteps will last, that our children will remember, that anyone will remember. And maybe that doesn’t matter. Maybe it IS all about right now, this time, this small insignificant speck in the timeline that matters. The rest is just…unformed. I want to think about future generations, but I have that fear that we’ll be like the old man, remembering when we played our part and wondering why it all didn’t last. I never understood why a rich man would build a statue, a monument to himself. But I suppose it’s the only way a legacy will be remembered. It’s hard because I want to believe the fight is worth it, that when we’re done, something lasting will remain. Yet, the evidence shows that everything is transitory. Everything. It’s difficult to keep working at something that may fade into oblivion right before our eyes. That’s what we have to do, though. We have to believe that a kernel remains, a small remnant of the work we’ve done. And I have to believe it’s worth it. Otherwise, I’d go nuts.
Just sayin’
To Ms. April Morlock
You are the bomb! I don’t know what I’d have done without you the last few months. Thanks chica!
Just sayin’
To my Boss
I’m totally confused. If that’s the way you like it, you got it.
Just sayin’



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8 responses to “It’s All Worth Something, Right Just sayin’

  1. We work hard and try to keep strong to have faith that one day it will all pay off…

  2. April Morelock

    OMG… You mentioned me. I’m famous now!!!!! hehehehe…

    If it’s any consolation, I would love to live on in infamy BUT my only real hope is that my legacy, my children, will live on and take just a few of my lessons… a few of the important things from me and my husband and carry that on through time.

    My husband is always talking about Mountain Men and WWII and showing my son and daughter films and telling them all his own father’s stories. I have stories from my own grandparents and father…

    And we work so hard to show them what’s most important in life. The really big moral lessons so they can be people who can bring about change, learn from mistakes… and make our world BETTER.

    No… I don’t plan to be remembered. Honestly, I hope when I’m old and can’t remember anything anymore that they’ll put me in an old folks home where I can read to my contentment, play cards with the old gals, and watch all the TV I want. And I want them to LIVE … Live like I’ve lived only bigger and better. I want them to experience everything and to work to make a difference for others.

    Maybe they’ll only be remembered by a few but I just plan to make my mark where I can and if someone notices… great. But that doesn’t mean a lot to me.

    But hey, if someone wants to build a statue of me, I’m all for it. Where you going to put it!!

    Oh, and Jennifer, you’ll be remembered. You’ve made impressions far beyond what you see.


  3. Damn—that’s mighty philisophical for a Monday! LOL

  4. To me, you are the world, Sweets 🙂 *smooches*

  5. Jen

    Thanks Savannah.
    And ATM! I find myself less…ranty on Mondays. I’m not sure if that’s good or not. Stay tuned. LOL!
    Toni Sue, darlin’, BIG HUGS.

  6. Jen

    April, you know how difficult it all has been. Love ya’ hon.

  7. jodi

    the only real legacy is our kids.

    But that said–I’d really like to have people say my name when they say “core events” sort of like DD (the woman who invented it and has google alerts, lol) and GMC. All together, like it’s a phrase or something. That’d be cool. And I want that as my legacy. And maybe equality for pantsers. That’d also be cool.

    (did you say hubris?)

    lol 🙂

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