So Many Things Going On Just Sayin’

To The Politicians
Unbelievable. Your little game of chicken was unimpressive. And frustrating. Frankly, watching all of you is like watching a divorced couple fighting over that chinese vase everyone hates. Seriously. Get a clue. None of us out here who have to cut our bills, stop our own spending and ignore the spate of insistent phone calls give a SHIT about your dilemma. Suck it up and compromise. We have to. And no, if you walk away and shut down the government, you shouldn’t get paid. Idiots.
Just sayin’
To The Rest Of The World
I’m completely confused. Libya, Egypt, Japan, there’s so many ugly things going on I just can’t keep up. CNN seems confused too. So, I hope you’ll understand if I don’t spout off about shit I don’t understand.
Just sayin’
To My Readers (all six of you)
I FINALLY submitted “Commanded To Dream” to Liquid Silver Books. I really hope they like it. Cross your fingers.
Just sayin’
To The Universe
I appreciate the fact that I haven’t felt the urge to drop the “F” bomb a few thousand times. You’ve been good to me. The Redneck is home. I’m still drowning in debt, but the water is warm (and there’s other swimmers out here with me) and the kids are doing well. I’m going to count my blessings.
Just sayin’



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6 responses to “So Many Things Going On Just Sayin’

  1. glad you submitted..(the book) and your man is home..things are heading in the right direction…
    we worry bout yall up there!

  2. Jen

    Thanks, SB. I think a bunch of it is attitude. Mine’s been pretty sucky lately, but it’s getting better.
    I have followed the Road Less Traveled with interest.

  3. I’m glad you submitted your MS. I know you’ve been working on it for quite some time.

    I hear you. Things are tough right now and I’m afraid they’re going to get worse if gas gets up to $5 a gallon, which it may soon. I know one station near the Del Mar Racetrack that’s at around $4.60 as we speak.

  4. I saw your comment about only having six readers and I wanted to let you know that I creep your blog everyday looking for new posts! I really enjoy your blog 🙂

  5. Jen

    I follow yours too! And I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment. *bad blogger* LOL!

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