Thirteen Reasons I’m a Bit Cranky

1. The Redneck is out of town
He’s working south of Monterey (about 9 hours south of here) and has no cell reception except at night at the hotel where he’s staying. It sucks.
2. I’ve gotten pulled over twice in three weeks.
Once for speeding (which I don’t think I deserved) and once for talking on my phone (which I totally deserved)
3. My kid has impetigo
From wrestling. Ugh.
4. I had to keep Train Boy home yesterday
Because of the impetigo.
5. I got no writing done yesterday
And I have no excuse.
6. My house is TRASHED
It looks like an episode of hoarders. I’m not kidding.
7. The Redneck has Scout Master Outdoors Training this weekend
So I’m doing the all day wrestling thing with Train Boy AND Demolition Boy (who isn’t in wrestling). Gonna be fun….NOT.
8. We’re broke.
Like everyone else I know.
9. Work is stressful right now.
10. Did I mention the Redneck is out of town? Yeah, I did.
11. The phone rings off the hook
everyone wants their money.
12. I have to wait to hear about my only manuscript out right now
13. I haven’t scored a contract this year

Yep. Cranky. LOL!



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11 responses to “Thirteen Reasons I’m a Bit Cranky

  1. I sure hope things turn around for the better! ~hugs~ Being down seems to be the norm lately from most everyone I’ve been around.

  2. I can’t say I blame you for being cranky. I would be too, in your shoes.

  3. Sorry to hear you’re in such a sour mood. Here’s hoping things improve a bit soon!

  4. April Morelock

    I’m here — all is right in the world now ;>

    I’m sorry you’re in a bad mood. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} If it’s any consolation I won’t get out of work until nearly 8 pm today and I’m totally thinking of stopping at a steakhouse for dinner without the family and with no laptop to write on.

    But I”m thinking about it anyway. Damnit


  5. I haven’t gotten pulled over yet, but the police have been out in force lately. It’s like New Years Day or St. Patrick’s around here.

  6. Geez, I don’t blame you for being cranky. Hugs! Here’s hoping it gets better fast.

  7. I’ve been cranky myself lately, for some of the same reasons you’ve listed here. Taking a whole week off to unwind was definitely a mood booster.

    Hopefully though things will look up for you soon. If not, we’ll be here to listen to you vent. Adore ya even when you’re cranky!

  8. I’m sorry your in a bad mood, can’t say that I blame you. Hang in there, things are bound to get better.


  9. I hope things get better soon. They’re slowly getting better where I’m at. Too slow for my tastes, though.

  10. Those things would make me seriously cranky too. I hope things get better soon!

  11. I think there’s something in the air, and it’s not a good thing. If it helps, I’m cranky too. Let’s get together and trash talk. lol Hoping things turn around for you real soon. (((warm hugs)))

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