Thirteen Soap Opera Tropes I’ve (accidentally) used.

It happened. All those years watching Santa Barbara, Ryan’s Hope, and Another World has influenced me.
1. The Memory Loss Trope
Yep. I just gave one of my characters amnesia.
2. The Declaration of Love By The Deathbed
A couple of times.
3. The Dangerous Psychopath Stalking Heroine
A couple of times.
4. The “I’m Protecting You From The Dangerous Psychopath”
A couple of times. I like this one.
5. The “I’m Pregnant But I Won’t Tell Him Because I Don’t Want Him To HAVETo Marry Me
Heart of the Storm.
6. The Last Minute Rescue From An Explosion
A couple of times. Most recently in “Commanded to Yield”.
7. The Trapped In The Wilderness
Legend Hunter
8. Loveless Marriage Turns Into Passion Filled Relationship
“Commanded to Mate”
9. Evil Twin Switch
You know, when an evil twin takes the place of the nice one and sleeps with nice one’s girl. I sort of did this in “Resisting Command” when Paul replaces a hologram. But he wasn’t really evil….
10. Prodigal son/daughter Upheaval
Somebody disappears and returns causing huge drama. I did this in “Heart of the Storm” and a bit in “Regaining Command”. I’m also covering this one in “Marked For Danger”.
11. Bad Boy Turned Hero By Heroine
I do this one a lot. LOVE my bad boys.
12. Party Girl Turns Good Girl and Learns Her Lesson
I did this to Shasta Pasquel.
13. Hero/Heroine Falsely Accused Of A Crime And Rescued By Love Interest
Yep. Using this one now in “Marked For Danger”.

LOVE my Soap Opera tropes. What’s YOUR favorite?



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11 responses to “Thirteen Soap Opera Tropes I’ve (accidentally) used.

  1. I have to say, I’m not well-versed in soap opera tropes, so I honestly couldn’t say I like any of them.

    However, if any of them involved Nathan Fillion, I reckon I could get behind those. 😉

    Happy TT!

  2. Hmm. I’ll have to think about that. I have Woman Thrown to the Wolves and Rescued By the Last Man She Wants to Owe …

  3. They’re classic for a reason–not only to soaps, but many romances as well. Particularly every Presents ever written, LOL.

  4. April Morelock

    You’re missing some… just so you don’t miss all the high points:

    Hero dies and then comes back to find heroine has moved on
    Unknown daughter or son is discovered living next door — or adopted or something like that
    Lovers find out they were parted at birth and are siblings (fraternal twins, half brother/sister… or girl/boy with age seperation… pick your incest) and now face this new knowledge and their love for each other.

    I’m sure there are more but i NEVER watch soaps.


  5. Gosh, that brought back memories of when my mom and I used to watch soaps. Fun! Thank you.

  6. I swore I’d never give one of my character amnesia because it’s a trope I get irritated with so easily, then I went and did it anyway.

  7. I must say I have done a few….LOL

  8. I’m pleading the 5th on this one, though I guess that answers the question as well. LOL

    Happy T13!

  9. Yeah…I’m not sayin’ a word on this subject *whistles innocently*

  10. rofl! I love romance tropes–they’re comforting–but what makes them better is having the author twist them on their heads. Makes for damn good reading.
    My fave is the secret baby–for any reason.

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