It’s The Economy Stupid Just Sayin’

To The Politicians
Stop grandstanding. Here’s the thing. The economy is in the toilet. The unemployment numbers are lies. The only numbers you’re counting is the ones still filing. There’s thousands whose benefits have run out, who have given up, who are no longer part of the comfortable margins you keep touting. You don’t get it. Gas (here anyway) is $4.13 a gallon. Very few construction projects. Unions being busted. Employers are laying off workers. And now, if you’re unemployed, companies don’t even want you to apply. So, can you stop doing the whole campaigning for the next election and start taking care of business? Of course, we voters are so naive. We’re under the sad delusion that you’re there to work for US.
Just sayin’
To Peter Pan
I haven’t bitched about you in a while, but now you’re at it again. Look, you’re stupid game of “Survivor in Hard Hats” really doesn’t belong in this economy. I keep mentioning Karma. She’s slow, but insistent. So, dude, quit being a selfish asshole. Oh, and thanks for fucking up the Redneck’s Monday.
Just Sayin’
To The Redneck
Shit, hon, I’m sorry. I’m sorry Peter Pan is such an asshole. I’m sorry the company you work for is so unappreciative. And I’m sorry your Monday plans got kaboshed. I know how it feels.
Just sayin’


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  1. Sorry to hear all this drama is going on. Hang in there.

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