Thirteen Foods I Love

These are foods I can’t live without.
1. Coffee
2. Ranch Dressing
Train Boy says I’d eat anything with ranch dressing.
3. Cheddar Cheese
I love my cheese.
4. Cucumbers
With Ranch Dressing of course.
5. Tortillas
I love them with everything.
6. Tacos
with another of my favorite foods..
7. Black Olives
8. Potatoes
In any form except mashed. I hate mashed potatoes.
9. Mayonnaise
Best Foods. Has to be Best Foods.
10. Fresh Baked Bread
Any kind except Rye. Not a fan of Rye bread.
11. Coffee. Did I mention Coffee?
12. Chili
Homemade or canned. I don’t care. Love it.
13. Pizza
I’m looking at this list and realizing why I’ve gained a ton of weight in the last year. LOL!!!!



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12 responses to “Thirteen Foods I Love

  1. Cute! You have all American Taste!

  2. A great list of yummy foods..Might not be too healthy but still yummy…

  3. Why do you hate mashed potatoes???? I’m befuddled!

  4. Great list! Mine would be chocolate!


    My TT is at

  5. Definitely all-American! Best wishes on the weight (I can relate, but my problems are very different). Happy TT!

  6. Coffee. Give me coffee now! LOL it’s morning here in NZ.

  7. I like about half of these. Not fond of mayo, dressing (ranch or any other sort), coffee or cukes. I used to love making a huge pot of chili in winter, but it does nto agree with me much anymore.

  8. Ooh, why did you mention food? I’m already hungry.


  9. *drools* Mmmm….cheese! *drools*

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