Thirteen Things I’m Looking Forward To

1. Daytona, baby!
February 20th. WOOOT!
2. Webelos “Talk To An Engineer
On Saturday, the kids are going to The Redneck’s construction site to talk to the guys who make bridges happen.
3. Finishing my book
I’m only 11K away!
4. The goose Fly Off
We’re going to Humboldt Wildlife Refuge and watching the annual fly off….at 6am.
5. Foggy bottom Run
2 mile run with the Cub Scouts.
6. For Saturday Night’s event to be OVER
It’s kind of made my boss a grumpy butt this week.
7. The Blue And Gold Dinner
For our Cub Scouts. It’s going to be awesome this year.
8. Monday.
I get a Monday off. WOOOOOOT!!!!!
9. Recruitment Night
I’ve got some surprises for the boys on Bring A Friend to Cub Scouts night.
10. April 29,30
Overnight fishing/camping trip to Ruth Lake.
11. May 31
We’re putting flags on Veteran’s graves. I look forward to it because it’s so cool to do it for the Veterans.
12. St. Paddy’s Day
I’ve got a craving for Corned Beef and Cabbage.
13. May 14, 15
Diva get together in the bay area. I haven’t seen anyone in a while, so I’m jonesin’ for my girls.



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17 responses to “Thirteen Things I’m Looking Forward To

  1. Yay for Monday off! Woo-hoo! 🙂 And keep going with the book! The rush to the finish is officially begun!

  2. Wohoo for all the things you are looking forward to…I hope you have fun at the Diva get together.

  3. I’m glad you have things to look forward to. I envy you a Monday off and the Diva get together. I am looking forward to Lori Foster’s get together.

  4. Lots of these sound like fun to me too. The goose fly-off must be amazing.

  5. That’s a pretty cool list! I like it. It’s always best when one’s boss isn’t a grump as well…

  6. Oh shoot! I better get some corned beef now. Think sauerkraut would count for cabbage?

  7. Please tell me you’re going to watch the truck race on Speed channel tomorrow. Pre-race is at 4:30pm and it’s always an exciting finish.

  8. I’m glad someone has a lot of fun events to look forward to. You can keep the corned beef, though. Thanks for visiting and commenting today. I was a bit worried about posting something so political, but it seems everyone who visited today is on our side. Will be interesting to see how it plays out. (And did you see? We led national news coverage tonight.)

  9. At six A.M.??? You’re looking forward to this? For geese??? I love geese, but at 06:00??? You remember what Robin Williams said in Good Morning Vietnam, right? “What’s the ‘o’ stand for? OH MY GAWD IT’S EEEEARRRRLY!” 😛

    Have fun in the get-together in the Bay Area. We’re doing that here in Chicago March 2-9, so I can totally relate to the whole excitement thang. Have a great time!!

    Happy TT!

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