Thirteen Goals I Have For The Year

1. Lose some weight
I’ve gained 30 pounds since I started working full time and I need to dial that back.
2. Finish my current WIP
I’ve been working on “MARKED FOR DANGER” for a while and I need to finish it.
3. Start and finish WIP for Loose-Id
I’ve committed to writing a Christmas book for Loose-Id featuring a Nylar Mistress. It needs to be finished by August 1st.
4. Get my finances in order
Big job.
5. Find balance between work and home
Right now, housework is NOT getting done at all. Need to find some kind of give and take.
6. Clean out the extra bedroom
So my oldest has his own room.
7. Go camping a bunch
I want to do a lot of this in the Spring and Summer
8. Visit my mom
Haven’t been there in a long time.
9. Visit my best friend
I really want to go see Michelle.
10. Get my blood pressure down.
11. Find some time to spend with the Redneck
12. Possibly get Demolition Boy into a charter school

Whew. Okay. They’re official now. LOL!



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13 responses to “Thirteen Goals I Have For The Year

  1. We definitely have a few things in common on this list. I wish you the best of luck with yours – I’ll get to mine later. 😉

    Happy TT!

  2. Camping? There are a few of us in Michigan that are thinking of doing a Diva Retreat. We’d eat, drink, swim, and write… then eat, drink some more. I should let you know when it happens maybe you’d like to join us.

  3. Best wishes! You have very admirable goals.

  4. Weight gain is the curse of bloggers! Sitting at the computer and searching desperately for a great way to say something leads to cupboard surfing.

  5. Ahem…where’s number thirteen? Seems to me that accomplishing 1 and 7 would help with number 10. I wish you success in meeting your goals!

  6. Those are all good goals. Would it make you feel better to know that my housework isn’t getting done either? In fact, the Christmas tree is *still* up.

  7. Camping should help with the weight. Full time work tends to make me gain, too.

  8. Jen

    Well look at that! On twelve. Ooops.
    Thanks for the encouragement guys!

  9. You have been dealing with a lot lately. Man. Take some time out for yourself and have a great year!

  10. Should #13 be learn how to count to 13? LOL Just kidding, luv! These are great goals for the year and I wish you all the best. Don’t forget to look out for yourself too. Reducing the stress on ourselves is supposed to help with the other aspects of our lives. I say supposed to because I haven’t found that balance yet. If you do, let me in on the secret. *wink*

    Happy T13!

  11. Jen

    Thanks writery!
    And I thought of that too Kay! LOL!!!
    I keep hoping to find balance and I will definitely let you in on the secret if I ever figure it out.

  12. April Morelock

    Do you remember the days… when you were young and life was uncluttered? When you had all the time in the world to have accomplished whatever you wanted.

    Man, I could use a few of those days too.

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