A Superbowl Just Sayin

To The Steelers and the Packers
I didn’t have a horse in this race. I respected both teams and I thought both of them earned the right to be there. Oddly, it wasn’t until I was following some of the Tweets on Twitter that I discovered Roethlisberger, the Steelers quarterback, was referred to as “Rapistberger” and several other derogatory terms. Apparently, the idiot got drunk with some underage college students and one of them claimed he assaulted her. I was surprised at the hostility. Of course, it sucks that the NFL keeps getting these thugs in their program. Maybe it’s the steroids. Anyway, I was glad to see the Steelers try and come back to give us a half-way decent game, but ultimately I was disappointed. The Packers kicked the Steeler’s ass. Period. Congratulations! They played really well and Rodgers deserved the MVP. But I’ll remember Superbowl 45 as kind of boring. And the Patriots weren’t even there. Weird.
Just sayin’
To That Guy
There always has to be one guy who’s going to shit all over someone’s rainbow. Our Cub Scout Pack made it into the Fortuna Beacon and apparently, some guy who claims to have “been connected to pack 47 for years” (even though I’ve never spoken to him and I’ve been pack committee chair for two years) has issues with some of the article. *rolls eyes* Great. Oh, and he announced this on Facebook. You know, it’s hard enough to get people to be positive about volunteering and this is why. Anyway, the Redneck is going to deal with him. I’d probably bite the poor old guy’s head off.
Just sayin’
To The Little Punks Down The Street
Leave my kids alone. Yes, they can be little assholes. Yes, they’re smack talkers. No, your 13 year thug leader doesn’t get to follow my kid around. And when I say get away from them, I mean it.
Just sayin’
To the Dirt Faced Okie Boys
Can we PLEASE cut the drama? I am soooooooo tired of dealing with the drama.
Just sayin’



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6 responses to “A Superbowl Just Sayin

  1. I do not watch football so I did not see any of the Super Bowl. Did catch the music at the half time show and it was not so great.

  2. April Morelock

    Ohhhh I think I want to smack that woman!!!!!!!!!

    Give your boy a huge HUG. Wow, and why hasn’t the school talked to Hannah??? I would bring this to the principles attention ASAP that she’s still talking to him like that.

    Squeaky wheel gets the grease.


  3. My favorite term for Big Ben is Rapeshiswomen. I think he’s still got that suit in Nevada to worry about, which started the whole mess a few years ago.

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