Update and more

Train Boy got a new teacher.
Things have improved, though Mrs. O’Reilly had to get her opinion in by saying that TB had “made a mistake” by moving to a different class and that “it wasn’t going to change anything”. And yes, before you ask, she IS an adult.
Hannah, the little bitch from hell, hasn’t let up and told TB he was fat and dumb yesterday. TB told her to “leave him alone. She made him wish he wasn’t alive”. Ouch.
How the hell can that little bitch sleep at night?
Luckily, we’ve packed ourselves around him and won’t let him believe anything she says to him. He’s got grit, that kid. I hope it doesn’t crush him the way it crushed me.
But things are looking up in all aspects of things. Well, except the money part. That’s just going to suck for a while.
Writing these days is slow and seems to take a back seat to the rest of my crazy life. I’m not complaining though.
Because I think my kids are awesome.
Because the Redneck may drive me crazy, but I’d rather be nuts with him than sane without him.
Because I have good friends, a good life, good everything.
Because random good things happen like our next door neighbors put in a fence (we can’t afford it) and haven’t given us any shit about coming up with half. (We will. When we can.)
Because people have generously given to Cub Scouts so that we can begin our garden project at St. Luke’s Manor.
Because I live in the best place on Earth.
And because I get a hug every single day. Every day.
There’s tons of people who can’t say that.
Which reminds me of one of my favorite videos.
If you have a chance, go read about Jaun Mann and the free hugs campaign, especially how it started.



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6 responses to “Update and more

  1. Oh boy, the nerve of some kids…What is going on in this world?

  2. oh im soooo glad ..i didnt want to get my hopes up for a new class! thank goodness… and damn i wanna call her mom… her parents cant possibly know whats going on (im gonna tell myself that) surly if you speak with her mom … failing that….im gonna do some asking ’round here about maybe getting the’ it gets better’ crew to VISIT his school… sounds like they could use a really powerful assembly meeting …or as my ninny would say… a come to jesus meeting!

    • Jen

      I think this girl’s mom is totally deluded.
      I do think around here, we need a little bit of that “come to Jesus”. I know some here would think it’s just the “elitist left” trying to “indoctrinate” their kids, but really, do they want some kid’s blood on their hands?
      Seriously. I’ve known kids in my day who took their own lives rather than deal with the misery of growing up.
      Maybe that’s why I don’t EVER down play when my kids say they’re being teased. EVER.
      I’d love to see that crew come here.

  3. jodi

    you don’t know what you just did for me and the others, but I’m adding the free hugs concept to the movement.

    Thank you, Jen


    • Jen

      I think I was shown that video at Divas and it has been a favorite of mine ever since. Whenever I feel sad or bitter, I watch it and feel uplifted.

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