I’m Going To Take A Bite Out Of Your Ass (And Not In A Good Way) Just Sayin

To Mrs. O’Reilly
My son has told you. And told you. He’s told you that he’s being teased. He’s told you that they’re calling him “fat” that they won’t leave him alone. So, explain to me WHY you ask me if there’s a PROBLEM AT HOME??? Explain to me why you’re not dealing with the little piranhas that are tormenting him? You’re finished. Let me chronicle why. 1. You make my kid go to the principal’s office for wearing a shirt that has a bunch of hillbillies on the front and the words “homeland security”. Really? Fuck you. You don’t like that we’re rednecks? Too fucking bad. My suggestion to you is MOVE. We live in an area that has a few rednecks left. Don’t like it? Get lost.
2. You CLEARLY don’t pay any fucking attention to what’s going on with your children. OR you don’t like my kid so it’s perfectly okay to let those little assholes pick on him. I’m going to ask you this. If my son was effeminate, if he thought he liked boys instead of girls, if those kids were calling him a “fag” rather than “fat”? Wouldn’t you be stepping in? Stopping it? Realizing that him raising his fists is NATURAL? Are you even aware that my son ISN’T reacting to the shit directed at him, BUT IS reacting to the SHIT THEY SAY ABOUT HIS FATHER??? Do you pay ANY attention to ANYTHING????
3. How about this? Did you NOT see that my son was hanging with a girl, close to a girl, and now that girl has another boy hanging with her and is calling my son “Oink”????? Could THAT make him a little moody? Are you fucking STUPID? I’m starting to think you are.
Here’s my promise. My kid isn’t going to be in your class. You clearly suck and I’m going to inform every parent I know that you suck. I’m going to inform Dr. Rob that you are a bigoted, uptight teacher with NO tolerance for “different”. And finally? Fuck. You.
Just sayin’
To Hannah
I really hope that you just “went along” teasing my son because you didn’t want to be teased yourself. But I think you’re a manipulative little bitch. At TEN YEARS OLD. My kid had a huge crush on you. He defended you against others. He shopped endlessly for the “right” present for you for your birthday. I get that maybe you weren’t into him, but calling him “Oink”? Bitchy. And mean. Does your mother know she’s raising a vicious little bitch for a daughter? Everything in me wants to call her and shatter her delusion. No, Hannah isn’t a “tomboy”. She’s a player, pitting boys against each other and then taking chunks out of their heart for fun. Karma is bitchier than you are, little girl, and so I leave you to her.
Just sayin’
To My Cub Scout Bitches
I’d hoped to give you a shot of enthusiasm, a jump start of energy to help us get through the next six months. I didn’t know that training was going to be kind of drag. I didn’t know that we were going to get “lectured” rather than helped. Damn it. I had hoped to generate a little fun for us. Instead, I just ate up another one of your Saturdays. No wonder the pictures I took were so bad. *sigh*. I’ll do better next time.
Just Sayin’
To the Powers That Be
Just sayin’



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7 responses to “I’m Going To Take A Bite Out Of Your Ass (And Not In A Good Way) Just Sayin

  1. Oh boy that is just horrible. I’m so sorry you are dealing with this.

    • Jen

      Thanks Savannah. Normally, I’m one of those nice moms that doesn’t cause trouble, doesn’t make waves. Not this time. I’m so pissed I could spit nails.

  2. jodi

    awww…damnit. I was hoping your sh*t-magnet had lost some juice. I’m sorry you’re going through this, Jen. Sorrier for your kid. No one deserves to be bullied or laughed at when they’re growing up. I hope it gets better.

    • Jen

      Me too, Jodi. You know, I had so hoped that both my kids wouldn’t have to deal with this. I thought that because they were boys it wouldn’t be as bad.
      I was so wrong.
      I have to say that I never had a boy I had a crush on team up with other kids to tease me. What a horrible thing to do. Who ARE these people?
      *shakes head*
      And the teacher? She’s toast. We’re going to make a formal complaint to the principal and if that doesn’t work the school board. I am NOT going to have a my child suffer the way some kids have suffered.
      The kids that come to mind are those two boys from Columbine. Not on my watch, damnit.

  3. jodi

    my daughter had to write a suicide note on the back of her door in blood before I realized what was happening. Then when I tried to get help for her they tried to lock her up in the psych hospital for her own good. I put her in a corner and stood in front of her until they found a shrink to say separating us would be a bad thing. She was like that because of bullying. Five years later, there’s still fallout, although I like to think she’s better. Her personality has changed though. I think you’re doing the right thing. Bullying is wrong.

    • Jen

      Oh my God, Jodi!!! That’s just awful! She was so lucky to have you.
      I’m looking to see if Ambrosini has a bullying policy. I need to know what their definition is, if they even have one.

  4. Sue

    Oh, Jen. I’m so very sorry you have to deal with this BS! Hugs to you and your boy. I got teased relentlessly when I was in school. I feel his pain and yours, too. My son was teased a lot as well. Chin up and take the bitch DOWN!

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