Sorry Guys…It’s Another One….

Yeah. Another Scouting rant. Sorry about that. My time is a bit consumed by Scouting at the moment, so thato t’s what you’re going to hear about.
Today, in fact this whole weekend, wasn’t what I’d hoped for.
I’d hoped that the Redneck and I would get to celebrate our anniversary with each other. Well, we did, but most of it was spent at a Relay For Life Kick-off Meeting. Our pack is starting a Relay For Life team this year to fight cancer. Great cause, right? Open to all Scouts. And the only people signed up are me and the same two committee members that have done everything for the last two years.
Anyway, so the Redneck and I go to this kick-off meeting which was awesome, but didn’t get over until late and since the boys had school the next day, our anniversary dinner was cancelled.
Oh well.
Then, today I had signed up my two committee members (who are den leaders) for a thing called a Scout Pow Wow. I’d hoped they would get a shot in the arm of enthusiasm. I’d hoped we’d find some good common ground to push forward to do what we have to do.
I guess I hoped for too much.
Look. These two women are the ONLY ONES who show up to committee meetings. Both of them are usually still there at the bitter end when shit needs to be cleaned up. I am totally stumped on how to give them a break, since the Redneck has filled our calendar every God damned weekend for the next twenty years.
I don’t know what to do.
I try and stay positive. Except here. Here, I don’t have to. You don’t need me to keep my fucking chin up.
Not today.
I haven’t even discussed the little bitch that broke my oldest son’s heart and now teams up with her new boyfriend to call him “fat”. I haven’t touched on the heart breaking “stiff upper lip” that kid has put on. I haven’t mentioned how I’m going to rip someone a new asshole on Monday since my son has told the teacher, the yard duty people AND the principal about the teasing but when I asked the teacher how he was doing, she asked me if “anything was going on at home”.
Really? Bitch is it? Let me get something clear with you.
I expect that if my son says he’s being tormented by some little skinny bitch (who wrote “I love oink” apparently referring to oldest son on oldest his backpack.)and her boyfriend that you’ll do something. Especially after the third or fourth time.
Monday is going to be a rumble.
Damn. I should have bought some whiskey.



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3 responses to “Sorry Guys…It’s Another One….

  1. Bullying sucks. The only reason I stopped being a target is because I ended up with regular trips to the principal’s office for fighting.

    I hope your situation goes better than mine did.

  2. Here – *passing you my Glenfiddich*

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