A Very Late But I Needed To Drink This Week Just Sayin’

I know, I know. I had to process a lot of the rants through the filter of time. I’m still not sure about everything that’s going on.
To President Obama
I didn’t vote for you. I haven’t been a big fan. And I’m not sure I agree with the way you want to produce jobs here. But I have to say that you are one of the most inspiring speakers we’ve ever had. Regardless of politics, I have tremendous respect for you. Your State of the Union address was spot on and you said many, many things that I am 100% behind. Thank you.
Just Sayin’
To The Powers That Be in Scouting
I wish I could understand what the hell you’re doing. I get that you’re possibly feeling a bit threatened by Society’s changes, that new technology and new ideas may have shaken the foundations that created Boy Scouts of America. I can imagine that too much flexibility might cause issues, especially with the new interpretations of “Morally Straight”.
But I have a problem.
I do NOT believe that Boy Scouts was ever meant to be a political football, or a religious group or a controversial fundraising enterprise. I DO believe Boy Scouts was created to do one thing: help boys become leaders. I ask you this question.
Would today’s leader exclude a group of people based on sexual orientation?
Would today’s leader practice intolerance and religious bigotry?
Would today’s leader place more value on quantity or quality?
Perhaps you’re preparing our Boy Scouts for the real world of politics. Because after all, we adults know what makes the political world go around.
And you’re emphasis on money-raising it, getting it, pleading for it–all tell me one thing. You’re not interested in changing that political climate. When the search for funding overrides the desire to do service? Boy Scouts has lost its vision.
Today’s leader must understand the importance of money, yes. But we are trying to teach our boys a higher purpose, a greater good. We’re trying to open their eyes to hunger, to homelessness, to loneliness. We’re teaching them to care about the neighborhood, the city, the country, the world they live in.
And it shouldn’t matter how much money they raise or how many of them there are.
So, Powers that Be, let me say this. No matter what you do or what you say, you will never kill the ideas that are behind Scouting. I do not believe Scouting can be killed, even from the inside.
You may be so short sighted to only see the bottom line, to only view the few short years we influence them. I prefer to go big picture.
My father, a Scoutmaster for over twenty years, may have felt many times that he was crying in the wilderness, trying to encourage these boys to do more, go further, be better. And many times, I know, he despaired, believing he was failing.
If only he could have seen those boys at his funeral.
If only he could see now, how my boys are working so hard, seeing the needs of others and working to help their communities.
Perhaps twenty years isn’t enough time to measure success. Perhaps, it’s generations of love, of service, of caring that will show the success that Scouting could have.
Perhaps we think too small, too short term. Values learned are carried into all our lives. Even a little time spent can have a big impact. Never underestimate the power of giving.
All that said, I’m not blind to what’s needed. We aren’t insensitive to the needs of the council. But we aren’t just money making machines. We’re the hands and legs for the council, creating good will, giving service that can have Karmic returns if given without expectation.
Just sayin’
To My Blog Readers
I know. Another Scouting rant. I think I’m done now. LOL!
Just sayin’


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One response to “A Very Late But I Needed To Drink This Week Just Sayin’

  1. Rant on. Some of those reasons are why I quit after my first year in Boy Scouts. On the other hand Cub Scouts was a memorable time.

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