The Good, The Bad and the Dramatic Pine Wood Derby 2011

Yesterday’s Pinewood Derby was a combination of insanity, chaos, excitement and frustration. Even with all my planning, things were still crazy. I still had an awesome time. I love the Pine Wood Derby.
So, Friday night we set up the track. It was crazy and all the kids that came with the folks that set up were insane. We survived.
Saturday, up at 5:00am to get everything else we hadn’t done Friday night ready to go. Pick up doughnuts and try and get ready before 9am weigh in. It was INSANE.
Of course, something had to get forgotten which, unfortunately, was the complicated judge’s pages that would have made judging the cars easier. Instead, I had to whip that out. But Ed Tanferani and Dr. Rob rose to the occasion and voted for our Best In Show.
The races were awesome and exciting. The new kids were amazing! Our Tigers and Wolves had great cars that were wicked fast.

Kenny getting ready to release the racers.

Personally, we had major issues. Train Boy’s car was WAY OVER weight requirement and we weren’t able to get the car fixed before the races so, we had to enter his last year’s car. As a result, though, he came in second place over all! YAY! I must have been all excited because the picture is awful but…so what? LOL!

Our winner was Nevin, a WOLF! It was his first year in Scouting and it was thrilling to see him win.

We had a ton of fun and, even though there were a few melt downs, we pulled it off. Here’s hoping next year is even bigger!



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2 responses to “The Good, The Bad and the Dramatic Pine Wood Derby 2011

  1. Boy does that bring back memories!

  2. Sue

    Well, second over all is awesome considering all the speed-bumps! I’m glad it all turned out well 🙂

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