How Soon Can I Start Drinking? Just Sayin’

To Monday
You came WAY too early, way too ugly and way too busy. Not enough coffee to deal with you.
Just Sayin’
To Demolition Boy
What can I say? You got screwed. Yes, I know you tried to tell your daycare provider’s assistant that the baby was eating dry wall. And yes, I know that she was on the phone and gave you the hand to shut you up. Yes, she didn’t listen. And yes, you did tell her to “…get up off her ass and deal with the baby.” I get that you didn’t think you should be punished for “being defiant and rude” and I get that the assistant “neglected to mention” that you were trying to draw attention to the baby. I’m well aware that daddy and I blew it big time and didn’t listen. I get that. But seriously? How LONG do I have to pay for it? UGH! I think I’ve found a solution, but nothing I do is going to make you feel anything but punished. *mutters* stupid assistant.
Just Sayin’
To The Redneck
Your sudden onset of illness just when my promised day for writing was due to occur was a bit coincidental.
Just sayin’
To My McDonalds Angus Burger That Attacked Me today
Oh come ON! I know it’s Monday, but really? Mustard? Down the front of me? Not. Cool.
Just sayin’
To The Universe
Trying to see something positive today…….
……….Nope. Nothing.
Just sayin’


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