Thirteen Of The Best Books I’ve Read This Year

I love being an author. Not only have I gotten to write some of the stuff I love to write, but I’ve also gotten some great books from my fellow authors. Here’s some of the best ones.
1. Vampire Mistress by Joey W. Hill
Joey W. Hill is brilliant and this book is one of the best fem domme books EVAH!
2. Vampire Trinity by Joey W. Hill
This is the conclusion to Anwyn’s story started in Vampire Mistress. I’ve reread this one several times. It’s is a powerfully written, fantastic book.
3. Primal Heat by Crystal Jordan
Erotic Sci Fi goodness. ‘Nuff said!
4. “Simply Insatiable” by Kate Pearce
I raved about this book because she took a bad guy and reformed him in a believable way!!! AWESOME story.
5. “Kiss Of The Rose” by Kate Pearce
This is one of the very few non-erotic books I’ve read and loved this year. AND it’s a vampire! Who knew? Kate is a brilliant writer and has blown me away with her new series.
6. “Enemy Overnight” by Robin Rotham
I actually purchased the ebook the second it came out, but I won a print copy this year so I reread it. OMG. I love love love this book and this series.
7. “Carnal Compromise” by Robin Rotham
This one is coming soon and I got a sneak peak as a beta reader. (Don’t hate me because I’m lucky). Robin Rotham is absolutely fantastic at sucking me into her erotic world and I love it. This one was tough. I had to read it three times before I could take my drooling fan reader hat off and put on my author hat.
8. “Afterlife” by Joey W. Hill
I waited for this next installment of the Knights of the Boardroom series. I didn’t know how she was going to do Jon’s story. Of the all the men, he was the most mysterious and the least (seemingly) dominant. Yet, this story is absolutely lush and filled with raw emotion. AWESOME story.
9. “Mistress Rules” by Christine D’Abo
This year was the perfect year for anyone who loves Erotic Sci Fi. Christine had not ONE but THREE for me this year. And they ALL made the list.
10. “No Quarter” by Christine D’Abo
This was a strong, emotion m/m story that gave me everything I ever wanted in an erotic sci fi story. I love Christine’s subtle world building.
11. “No Remedy” by Christine D’Abo
Sequel to “No Quarter” this is a m/f/m that is hot, hot, hot. I love Mace. She’s a kick ass heroine.
12. The Spurned Viscountess by Shelley Munro
This is a really good historical with an awesome mystery!
13. “Simply Forbidden” by Kate Pearce
I got to read this one even though it’s not available until January 25, 2011! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Kate has, once again, brought two characters to life. Lisette is a fantastic heroine and watching her fall was one of the sweetest and most beautiful stories Kate’s written so far. This series is an autobuy for me. (And I’m getting my already preordered copy and giving it away in a contest so that I can share the awesome goodness that is Kate Pearce.)
Did you read any books that stood out this year?



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14 responses to “Thirteen Of The Best Books I’ve Read This Year

  1. With all the work I did on my own book this year, and the promotion that goes into it, and then writing my current WiP – I’ve fallen waaaay behind on my reading! I’ve GOT to do some more reading – although, the last books which really stood out for me this year were research, and non-fiction, about cycling.

    I hope it all pays off. 😉

    Ciao for now – and Happy New Year!

  2. I just discovered Ally Blue this year. Great m/m. Thank you for sharing and Happy New Year!

  3. Great reads!

    Happy New Year!


    My TT is at

  4. I’m glad you get to write what you want to write, too! Let’s repaint the world so that we all get to do that and get fairly paid for it, too!! ~grin~

    What a fun list, thanks for sharing what you like to read.

    Happy TT!

  5. I have read a few of those books, and this year….We have great taste in books..

    Wishing you a Happy New Year…

  6. I’ve been pitiful in my reading this year–especially the last couple months. Really need to get back to it!

    Hope you find some more awesome books to read, Jen!

    Happy New Year–I hope it’s fabulous for you!

  7. Great reads! I love Joey Hill. 🙂 I hope you have a fantastic new year, Jen! *Hugs*

  8. You know, i havent’ read any of the “simply” books by kate pearce yet. I think I better get them. I’m gonna be snowed in this weekend ,so it’s the perfect time to read!

  9. Love your list. I didn’t know you read those authors, or so exclusively. We must trade books!

  10. What a great collection of authors.
    Happy New Years!

  11. Thanks for putting me on your list!! I think I’ve read almost all of the others you have as well 🙂 I love Joey Hill too. 🙂

  12. I don’t think I’ve ever been included on anyone’s best book list before! HUGS!! And certainly back at you. I loved Marked for Pleasure. 🙂

    Have a fantastic New Year!

  13. Jen, I’m joining Christine in offering huge thanks – LOVE being on your favorite list. And Gideon, Anwyn, Daegan, Jon and Rachel all thank you as well. You made my night!!

  14. Oh, and thanks for adding to my TBR list as well! :>

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