It’s been a little crazy around here!
Christmas was fantastic. I do love this time of year and we had plenty of time to enjoy the season. Christmas Eve at Aunt Diane’s was wonderful and Christmas Day with the in-laws was relaxing.
People were so generous and loving to us for Christmas and I’m grateful.
Of course, it’s stressful right now. My boss has been out of the office since mid November with health issues that resulted in surgery. The other guy in the office who has been my acting boss for the last two months goes in for surgery Monday. Which leaves me. Yep. No pressure.
I still have a cold.
I’m not sure what’s going on with my Muse, but I’ve spent the last half of this year hating everything I’ve ever written. *shakes head*. I’ve persevered but it’s made the already challenging writing time even tougher. I’m hoping the work pays off soon.
With the massive changes in 2010–Working full time, the Redneck’s bariatric surgery and job changes–I’m looking forward to a little stability in 2011.
Why are you laughing?



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3 responses to “Updates

  1. i think 2011 is gonna be your year… i just have a feeling..

  2. Hey there. I’m old, and have never read a romance novel, but I gotta tell you anyone brave enough to tackle the genre of “redneck romance” has my vote as a writer.

    Maybe it’s ’cause me and my wife are elderly rednecks, but still act like kids in spite of the obvious fact we are far from it.

    Good luck in your writing. Check out my book, “The Mandolin Case” on Amazon.com if you get a chance. It’s a medical legal mystery resolved by musicians. It was much fun for old Doc.

    Dr. B

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