It wasn’t Christmas Cookie Weekend, but…

….I did get to make some cookies!
We gave our new ribbon cookie cutter a try for our Relay For Life cookings we’re planning to make.

It’s been crazy.
On Monday, Train Boy had a fever and had to stay home. While I was staying home with him, my laptop’s hard drive died. Frantically, I ran my baby over to Shaw Computer Service. I only called them three (okay, maybe four) times. I was seriously jonesing for my computer and hadn’t realized how much of my life was wrapped up in it.
Luckily, they not only replaced the hard drive for me, but they were able to clone all my stuff back onto my computer. Plus, they went the extra mile and had it done yesterday. I am going to buckle down and save some money to get a laptop custom made from them. *happy sigh*
So, sorry I missed the Thursday Thirteen yesterday.
OH! And Mrs. Giggles reviewed “Bound Among The Stars”. She didn’t hate it and I am RELIEVED! YAY!

Merry Christmas, y’all!



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3 responses to “It wasn’t Christmas Cookie Weekend, but…

  1. a Christmas miracle!!! mery merry to you and allll of yours!!!

  2. Jen

    Happy Holidays to you both!!!

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