13 Christmas Traditions We Always Do

This year has been tough. I started working full time back in May and the dirt faced okie kids have had massive adjustments. But there are just some things we do every year, even if we do it late.
1. We cut our own Christmas Tree
Usually when it’s snowing. It’s the best trees in the world.

2. We put up my Christmas Village

3. We play Christmas music….
4. …especially when we put up the Christmas tree.
5. We watch “Scrooge”
My absolute favorite version of “A Christmas Carol. And I usually sing my favorite song with it.

6. Toys For Tots
Every year the boys pick out a toy for Toys For Tot. They actually look forward to it.
7. We watch “Polar Express”
This is a new tradition.
8. We watch “A Christmas Story”.
OMG! We can quote this one backward and forward.
I never realized how many movies are part of our traditions! LOL!
9. Of course we have to watch “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”
This year, our VCR took a dump and we didn’t have it on DVD. Luckily, they played it on Cartoon Network. (The old cartoon one. Not the Jim Carey one.)
10. We have crab
Some time in December we buy crab and have crab salad and crab sandwiches.
11. We visit the mall
In past years, we went and saw Santa. This year, our mall didn’t have Santa. I was bummed.
12. We go to McKinleyville for a Big Family Christmas party
The Redneck’s family all gather and have a great party. I love it.
13. We put stuffed animals out for a Santa Party
We set them around a little table with milk and cookies. The next morning, the stuffed animals all have cookie crumbs on their mouths. They come to life and have a party with Santa!



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10 responses to “13 Christmas Traditions We Always Do

  1. My whole family can quote A Christmas Story by heart. I love that movie! (although I;’m actually kind of sick of it now) And in my opnion, the cartoon version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas blows the Jim Carrey on out of the water.

  2. Ohh those are so nice…Traditions are so good for a family to have….

  3. “A Christmas Story” is one of my favorite holiday movies, though I have not watched it yet this year. I have, however, seen “Polar Express” and “The Holiday” twice so far. Looking forward to watching a few more over the upcoming weekend. BTW, I can’t believe your mall had no Santa. Sacrilege!

  4. These are all wonderful traditions, Jen. 🙂 One of our favorite Christmas movies is Christmas Vacation. LOL Happy Thursday!

  5. Crab? That’s a new one to me.

    My son is at the mall right now. He’s catching a cold so I tried to keep him home, but he insisted.

  6. Ah, those are some nice Christmas memories your building with your kids. 🙂

    Merry Christmas and happy TT.

  7. #13 is really cute. #10 I’ve never heard of, but everybody has their own holiday food schedules. Some to prime rib, others do ham. Crab I’ll have to try some time!

  8. How delightful! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Isn’t it funny how Christmas just means crab to us Humboldtians. Sweet traditions you and your family have. Happy holidays and many hugs to you Jen!

  10. Okay…that came out wrong. I didn’t mean Christmas ONLY means crab, I just meant the two go together. I’m sure you knew what I meant. xo

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