Everyone Has Their Favorite Scene

The money piled up on George Bailey’s table from all his friends and family. The scene where Santa Claus talks to a little girl in her native dutch language. The morning when Ebeneezer Scrooge wakes up a changed man.
Me? I love this modern classic. “Comfort and Joy” is one of the Lifetime specials I have to see every year.
The set up is this. Jane is a successful business woman who has no time for anything but her job. She’s clueless about people, though there’s no doubt she cares about them. On her way to a company Christmas party she has a car accident that somehow (Santa magic) she’s transported ten years into the future…and discovers she’s married, with two kids and has a completely different life than her Jaguar driving, consumer driven single life. The adjustment is hilarious as she tries to negotiate the woman she’s become as the woman who hasn’t figured it all out yet.
But my favorite part of this scene is when Sam, Jane’s husband, confronts Fredricka, Jane’s mother. I want a man like him. Please? LOL!


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