A Whiskey Wednesday McRanty McRant Rant Just For You….

I’m sure you all missed my Monday “Just Sayin'” post. The difference between Whiskey Wednesday and Monday’s Just Sayin’ is that on Wednesday, everytime you see “Just Sayin'” you have to DRINK. I wasn’t feeling ranty on Monday. I was positively mellow, having had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. But then, life ensued and I found some things sank in so….
To UnNamed Big Box Stores
I refuse to name you because I don’t want Larry The Lawyer to come down on me like a ton of bricks, but I need to get this off my chest. When a charitable organization has volunteers that stand outside your establishment asking NOT FOR MONEY but for ITEMS PEOPLE WILL BUY IN YOUR STORE why not recognize the beneficial idea of letting them be on your property. I’m sure there’s some stupid reason why you have volunteers stand in the rain….across the parking lot….did I mention in the rain? And now another one of you stellar members of the community do the same thing for another fundraiser. “Not on your property”. To the point of having Lawyers all over it. I think I’m going to take my cute little Cub Scouts to The Toy Box and to Safeway. At least there the business appreciate that we’re supporting our local community, making them money and generally doing a good thing on the planet. But you keep making your billions and I’ll take my piddly ass business elsewhere. No problem.
Just sayin’ (DRINK)
To UnNamed Author
How ironic that the subject of online words effecting author careers is one more place where my dislike of your career path is reinforced. For once, my instinct to stay away from you and your books is justified.
Just Sayin'(DRINK)
To UnNamed World Leader
Um, what’s with the random missile shots to your neighbor? Why do I get the feeling this has something to with the UN inspectors that reported about your nuclear capabilities. Somehow, I don’t think “Oops” is going to make this one go away.
Just sayin (DRINK)’
To UnNamed TwoSome
This really won’t make sense to anyone but I needed to vent. So, one of you had a commitment that you bailed on. I think it was personal, because you’re pissed at me for whatever reason. And despite your constant claim of being “forthright”, I think you lie like a rug. Now, you’re teaming up with someone else, someone with a history with me. It looks like the commitment you had to me lasted only as long as your best interests lay in that direction. The minute you thought you could do better, you bailed. I’m not normally one to wish bad things on someone, but I believe in Karma. I believe that I did my very best with both of you. I believe that this is typical of how you both behave. Neither of you will come right out and say anything lest you be held accountable for your words. Smart, I guess. And I’m kind of used to being shit on behind my back. I put you in the Universe’s hands and hope you both get what you’ve been given.
Just sayin’ (DRINK)


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