I Wasn’t Going To Post but they Just Don’t Get It Just Sayin’

I even got an excuse and everything, but then, I started reading some of the post election crap.
To John Osborn of The Northcoast Journal
I’m not familiar with your reporting overall, but I have to say that this article raised my hackles. Why? Let me count the ways. First of all, your passive aggressive stabs at the winners of some of the hotly contested seats in Humboldt County is duly noted and shows your bias the way Lady Ga Ga shows off her melons. We get it. You’re feeling a bit pissy because the politics swung in a different direction than you like. But why not just whine out in the open? I love how it SEEMS like this article is going to be an admonishment to the questionable policies and frustrating obstruction of the incumbents/progressives but actually is a dirty little bitch fest about how the “conservative” played mean. Oh, you poor little politicians! Out spent and out maneuvered. You just can’t catch a break. (That’s sarcasm there, by the way. I’m pretty sure you got that, but judging by the thick skulled response in your article I wasn’t sure). It couldn’t be that voters were unhappy with the state of affairs. It couldn’t be that voters were frustrated with the lack of jobs, lack of economic growth and constant dilly dallying instead of making decisions. No, not that, right? (Again, sarcasm. Just pointing it out in case you missed it.)
Secondly, considering the dirt flung by both sides, I’d say you all came out pretty well. Despite your depiction of this election as The moderate-conservative sweep across Humboldt County last night. I’m going to point out one of your own words: MODERATE. What you saw last night was a desire for balance, a weariness of extremism that seemed to have a stranglehold on our county and a need to see if the other side had better solutions than the ones we’ve tried FOR TWELVE YEARS. It’s okay, John. I’m sure we’ll still have pot money aplenty to pay the big bucks into future campaigns so the “progressives” can take back the county. Thirdly, what finally spurred me to comment on this little whinefest of yours was your actual gall (after blaming the candidates for not spending enough, not being mean enough and not winning) to blame the VOTER. I love this comment. But the progressives always suffer from their support base – youth, liberals, the poor, all demographics that are more likely to not turnout during an election unless there is a damn good reason to.
I’m just going to let that comment sink in. That’s right, folks. If you’re poor, if you’re young and if you’re liberal, you don’t vote. Well, unless your party spurs you to do so with some divisive issue. Nice.
Here’s my answer to you, John. When I was 18, I began a voting record that is, with one exception, unbroken. When I deigned to “stay home” during the Bush/Dukakis election because they were “both jerks”, my father, (God rest his soul) ripped me a new one. For four years, I wasn’t allowed to bring up politics to my father because he reminded me that I gave up my right to complain when I sat on my ass on election night. For the next twenty-two years, I voted. When I was twenty-six, I went to the polls sick rather than pass up my right to vote. For almost all of those years I was a staunch Democrat, voting Green Party on occasion when the two major parties angered me. I was young. I was liberal. And man, was I poor. It’s arrogant statements like yours that keep bigotry and ignorant elitism rampant in the Progressive parties. It’s reporters like you, who are unwilling to ante up and admit that perhaps your party, your candidate doesn’t have all the answers that lost that election last night. It wasn’t the voters. Tell me this. What has this article done to get those “young, liberal, poor” voters to the polls? Nothing. Not a damn thing.
Just sayin’
To Virginia Bass, Marion Brady and Ryan Sundeberg
Believe this. Like many of the elections across the country, you are in more because of voter irritation with Neely and Glass than because we want you to get in there and implement conservative policy. Remember you now represent ALL your constitutes, including those who voted against you. I ask you to do what I’ve always asked. Reach across the table. Don’t jam stuff through. Be the politician for all of us, not just the ones who love you.
Just Sayin’
To the Republicans
You managed to take back the house. Please understand this. This is not a contract with America. This is not a “all green” for you to start taking us back to the 1950’s. This is the only way the American people can express that they’re pissed off without ending up on a terrorist watch list. Pay attention.
Just Sayin’
Especially Rachel Maddow. Don’t try and spin this. The Democrats took a beating last night. Do your job and give insightful reporting into why voters rejected the Obama agenda. Instead of discounting the Tea Party, why not find out the roots of its political power? Rather than try and change history to suit you, why not be a part of history and report it accurately. Last night, I found your commentary painful and disgusting. Even FOX wasn’t as abhorrent. It’s sad, since I used to love to watch Chris Matthews and others on your station, but you’ve chosen rhetoric over journalism. And I can’t get behind that.
Just sayin’



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2 responses to “I Wasn’t Going To Post but they Just Don’t Get It Just Sayin’

  1. Word.

    I really want to say something about the elections but I’ve been too busy writing my NaNo story except for that crack on Twitter about not voting for Larry Flynt seven years ago.

    Actually, that recall election was the one I sat out because I knew Arnold was going to win no matter who I voted — and I hated all of the candidates running that year. I knew voting for Arnold was the equivalent of voting for Mary Carey.

  2. Jen

    I know! I can’t believe this got under my skin but I just couldn’t let it pass.
    And I’m three days behind in NaNo. *groan*.

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