Thirteen Reasons I Love Jen Lancaster

1. Her titles
My Fair Lazy, Bright Lights, Big Ass and my favorite Bitter Is The New Black.
2. Fletch
3. Her wallpaper obsession
4. Her videos
5. Quotes I Love
6. She loves Reality TV and isn’t ashamed to admit it.
7. Her shoes
8. Her friends
9. Her Eclipse Reenactment
10. How she spends her late nights
11. Things she doesn’t mention on Twitter
12. Her Dogs
And Finally, the final reminder of why I love her 13. She knows how to put an asshole in their place. Like That IDIOT at Marie Clare.



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11 responses to “Thirteen Reasons I Love Jen Lancaster

  1. Since you love her so much I will have to check her out.

  2. Have never read her, but have seen a few of her books around. I’m sharing a bit of Autumn Splendor this week. 😉

  3. Bitter is the new Black is an awesome title. I wish I’d thought of it.

  4. For the risposte to the Marie Claire article alone, I’ll now have to check out some of her titles.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

    Happy TT!

  5. OMG! LOL I’m hooked, reel me in. I bookmarked this blog. Gotta luv her shoe collection. I LUV her.
    Thanks for the heads up.
    Happy Halloween.

  6. She has a wonderful way with titles.

  7. Thanks for this! Great reasons, indeed.

  8. I’ve never heard of her. I’ll have to check her out!


    My TT is at

  9. Those are pretty good! Loved the Eclipse reenactment!

  10. I hadn’t heard of here, but after reading this list and the list of her quotes you posted, I’m definitely going to have to check her out.

  11. Kelly Hay

    I’m one of Jen’s latest fans. I got “Bitter is the New Black” for Christmas and as soon as I finished reading it, I went out and bought “Bright Lights, Big Ass!” Love her!!

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