OMG I’m soooo tired Just Sayin’

To Troop 54 Eureka, sponsors of the 2010 SPOOKEREE
AWESOME time. The two kids who went had a blast. Even though they had to find their way in the dark without flashlights, following a rope and carrying a flag and a pumpkin.

They were both totally cool with the fact that it rained most of the time, making for a cold camping experience. They kept their spirits up.

Their favorite activity was the airsoft pistol shooting. They were fantastic and did great. It was a lot of fun.

There was only two problems. One, I was frickin’ soaked to the skin. And two, I started losing steam at 2am when there was still two hours of the events left to go. Sad and pathetic. I’m in training for next year.
Just Sayin’
To Pack 47 Kids
You all did an awesome job selling popcorn this year. CONGRATS!!! I’m glad Silly Season is over though.

To Humboldt County Weather
Ahhhh you never fail to get me do you? A camping trip and a football game in Miranda and you stormed the whooooole time. I get it. You win.
Just sayin’
To The Dirt Faced Okie boys.
I know it was tough to lose last night, but you both played your hearts out and that’s all anyone could ask. Train Boy, I know you got passed over as team captain. I know it bummed you out. But you rocked this year and next year will be even better. Demolition Boy, you sure did step up finally. You’re going to come into your own soon. Awesome season boys.
Just sayin’


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  1. I LOVE that shoulder-to-shoulder picture at the end, Jen.

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