Thirteen Characters Who Drive Me Crazy…

….Or have driven me crazy.
1. Kevin Henderson
My crab fisherman/undercover killer from “Eye of the Storm”. He didn’t like any of the women I tried to pair him up with. I deleted more words on his story than I ended up writing. But once I found Magda for him, he was easy as pie.
2. Donny Pasquel
Bad guy turned hero. For the entire first book, he didn’t say a word to me and all of his personality was revealed through what he DID. Then, he drove me absolutely nuts in the next two books. First, he refused to die like I wanted him to. Then, he tormented me when I wrote “Regaining Command”. I got him back, though. I gave him three daughters. Buhahahahaw!
3. Charlene Henderson
Heroine of “Heart of the Storm”. While writing this book, she didn’t want to discuss her more vulnerable side. With her, I almost had to talk like a damn therapist. “And how did that make you feel?” *shudders*. More often our sessions looked like this.

4. Leo Eyler
Secondary in “Marked For Pleasure”, he started doing that closed mouth thing trying to get me to guess why the hell he did things. I ignored him and finally, he coughed up enough for his own book.
5. Princess Sera Placido
SHE drove me crazy. Loony. The woman was all ego and flaws. Complicated, frustrating and a downright bitch on occasion, she was tough to write. And the reviews show she’s NOT everyone’s cup o tea. I always want to respond to those reviews with “Try having the bitch in your HEAD”. LOL.
6. Kiera McConnel
Heroine in “Legend Hunter”. She had a TON of angst. I seriously wondered if anything would get her to lighten up. Luckily, Ben knew how to handle her.
7. Pamela Dane
Fem Domme from “The Christmas She Rules”. Closed mouthed, bitchy and in a REALLY bad mood. But by the end of that book, I loved her. She’s awesome.
8. Dominique
She’s the fem domme who may not get her story told. Mysterious to the point of teeth gnashing, she has run me around in circles. I’m giving her the cold shoulder at the moment. (And she’s giving it right back).
9. Joshua Arundale
My werewolf with an attitude. He’s getting better, but my trigger finger is itchier than his wife’s and she almost shot him!!!
10. Carina
Blueshift Brotherhood assassin who works undercover for the Terran Force. Her sister was killed by the Brotherhood which set both her and Leo Eyler on their path for revenge. I’ve been trying to write her story, the next in the “Marked” series. She’s been a pain in my butt, giving me very little to work with and changing her story daily. I’m ignoring her.
11. Andev Juno
Dormrelian hero in “Commanded To Dream”. He was a complete jerk with a lot of hostility. Plus, I was pairing him up with a bit of a Diva. (She rivaled, but never surpassed the annoying qualities in Princess Sera.) He gave me trouble, trying to mess with the story, but finally, he gave in and fell in love like he was supposed to.
12. Shasta Pasquel
Andev’s heroine in “Commanded To Dream”. Her problem was she had a tendency to jump in both feet without looking. She drove me crazy.
13. Kinley Pasquel
Talk about closed mouth! This one has some serious issues, but she won’t share. Hopefully, by the time I get to her story, she’ll be more forthcoming.
But I doubt it.



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10 responses to “Thirteen Characters Who Drive Me Crazy…

  1. LOL about Donny and the three daughters. Only an author would do this.

  2. Ah… What a great idea for a topic! It’s always reassuring to see that other writers struggle with some of their characters the same way I do. 😉

  3. Ah, those pesky characters, LOL!

  4. Very clever idea for a list. Now I’m thinking about my characters lol Happy T13!

  5. Slapping some characters up side the head works great, but most like a little therapy.

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