Maybe I should just move it to Tuesday Just Sayin’

Ugh. Double ugh.
*takes deep breath*
To Parents of Children Who Are Interested in Cub Scouts
It’s a PARENT RUN organization. That means that it’s NOT organized. It’s a little chaotic since the three most consistent members of the committee all work full time. Work. Full. Time. This means what you want out of scouting, you’ll get. I’m so frustrated with the “spoon feed me” attitude. I love scouting and I’m enthusiastic. (It’s really the only reason they keep me around). I can’t make you love it too. But you can certainly ruin your kid’s experience. By being a downer, negative, unwilling. And to some of you who seem to think the answer to all our problems is to complain, run down other people and then quit? I just don’t get it. Work it out. I will remind some of you that the Cub Scout Bitch and I were at each other’s throat last year. We let it all go and get along fine. Here’s your chance to show your kid that you’re the bigger person. Being a volunteer with a bunch of whiny, pissy people SUCKS!
Just sayin’
To The Redneck
Oh, I suppose I should feel guilty that I’ve been impatient with you because you’re sick, but ….mmmm….not so much. Here’s why. For the last five years you’ve been “too tired” “not feeling good” “why can’t I understand how hard it is for you”. The same refrains are still ringing post surgery. God, I’m sick of it. I love you, but this whole “I don’t feel like it, so you’ll have to do everything” is killing ME.
Just sayin’
To the folks who bought popcorn at the Apple Harvest Fesitval
Thank you. Ignore the above bitching.
To President Obama
I believe I’ve mentioned that I thought focusing our military in Afghanistan. And all the things I was concerned about have come to pass. I notice that, unlike our Iraq operations, the scrutiny in Afghanistan is missing. I’m begging you to consult the people you have so far ignored and either get the job done there, or rethink your policy.
Just Sayin’
To My Local Politicians
Okay. What’s with the whimsical tag lines? Marion Brady has her “Brady Bunch” and Virginia Bass is asking us to get “Hooked on Bass” and Allison Jackson? “A New D.A. A New Day”. Really? I mean, do we really want to do cutesy for this election? I don’t mean to be gloom and doom, but I’m not sure that “whimsy” is the way to go this year. I guess it’s better than boring, and it isn’t going to change my vote, but still…..
Just Sayin’
To The Apple Harvest Festival Committee
What a great event!!!! I had a wonderful time and thought the whole thing was awesome. I especially loved the Humboldt Cattlewoman’s Tri Tip and Clendenen’s tour of their apple orchard. And considering the weather didn’t exactly cooperate, it was fabulous. Thanks for all your hard work.
just sayin’
To The Fortuna High School Football Team
OMG!!!! After eight years, we FINALLY GOT THE MILK CAN BACK!!!! You guys are awesome and those of us who had to listen to some Ferndale punks give us a bad time on Saturday are extremely grateful you took it to them. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Just Sayin’


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  1. i *adore* the milk can “cup” xoxoxo

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