I Am So Out Of Touch Just Sayin’

I’ve been so completely swamped with football, Cub Scouts, work and homework, that I’m lucky if I get a piece of any news. But Yahoo has headlines.
This next one made me grind my teeth.
To Mr. Obama
No, no, no! Putting kids in MORE school? Why? Let me explain why we are falling behind the rest of the world. Mediocrity. Look at how we don’t want to have any “losers”? We CAN’T challenge our kids in these times. If you can figure out why “administrative costs” are so damn high, you’ll figure out why there isn’t enough money for our schools. The fact is that the upper level–the POLITICIANS–involved in school districts continue to STEAL money from our kids. I know for a fact that MY local school district charged the Cub Scouts $35 an hour for two three hour events. All they provided was the place and the lights. We had to clean it up. I also know we’re not the only group that pays to use the facilities. So where does that money go? Well, it sure isn’t supporting our teachers since they let more go this year. Don’t tell me I should leave my kids at school longer. I’m a borderline charter school mommy. I love Ambrosini’s teachers and office staff so much I’ll leave my kids in, but don’t tell me it will be better for them to spend ALL DAMN YEAR in school. No. I won’t do it. Find another damn solution. I’m not torturing my kids because you guys can’t get the job done.
Just Sayin’
To The Green Bay Packers Defense
I’m watching the game right now and you’re KILLING yourselves by being complete JERKS. I mean, really? Thirty yards in penalties for personal fouls and that’s just the ones the Ref SAW. Jeez! There’s aggressive? And then there’s just murderous. Get a grip.
Just sayin’
To Coach Ed
I don’t know how you do it. You took a rag tag bunch of kids and made them a football team. Awesome.
Just Sayin’
To All The People Who Bought Popcorn In Front Of Ace On Saturday
Thank you. You don’t know how much it means to those kids that you support them.
Just sayin’



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5 responses to “I Am So Out Of Touch Just Sayin’

  1. A-freakin-MEN in regards to the “put the kids in school longer” crap from Obama. I mean WTH? Our children are in school long enough already. Everything you mentioned is spot on – we lose teachers, money, etc at our school as well and it’s so frustrating. The answer is not a longer school year. Ugh.

    I could go on but I’ll stop now. LOL

    • Jen

      There is nothing that pisses me off more than the blame that flies around when people talk about problems in schools. The fact is that school districts don’t take care of their budgets. Hell, my school system is pretty good and THEY aren’t making it. It sucks.

  2. I saw Obama on the Today show and I swear I tuned him out for those thirty seconds. Year long school sessions? Is he nuts? What we need is accountability in the schools, something that was lacking back when I attended high school.

    • Jen

      I get that our economy isn’t the greatest, but a majority of the extra taxes on my property goes to the schools. Why the hell can’t they make it work?

  3. Shawna

    They push kids ahead in Kindergarten, expecting them to do what we once did in 1st grade. They introduce prealgebra before the multiplication tables are memorized to ‘advance them along and keep pace with the rest of the world’ and then wonder why a good number of them fall behind.

    The basics are being ignored. That’s why we’re falling behind. I’m tutoring my 4th grader how to do long division because they spent 4 weeks on it before moving on and now have to use it to solve algebra problems. And they spent so little time on multiplication tables, the division doesn’t make sense!

    They decided to change the lettering system back D’nealian (sp?) so now my 5 year old, who knew how to recognize all the letters, most of the sounds and how to write her name down cold, now hesitates because she’s confused.

    I admit, some kids can keep up… but what about those that can’t?

    A longer school year isn’t going to solve that.

    Grades are falling? duh!

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