Thirteen Steps In My Drinking Progression

Feel free to laugh or snirk, whichever takes your fancy.
1. Old Crow Whiskey
I was too young. Don’t ask. I don’t recommend it and it didn’t end well. In fact, I kept away from alcohol, except for the occasional…
2. Michelob Dark
which I drank instead of Budweiser. I hated Bud. I know. I’m a bad Redneck.
3. Sea Breezeand
4. Margaritas
both discovered on my twenty-first birthday. And yes, I mixed my drinks. And yes, I was hung over.
5. Flora Springs Chardonnay
and 6. Gewurztraminer mostly Fetzer, but sometimes Markham, and
7. Beringer’s Johannesburg Riesling
It was my foofy stage where I drank from pretty glasses and kept my pinky up. I moved on next to
8. Vodka
Mostly screwdrivers and only on very, very rare occasions. Then, I started nursing school and was introduced to
9. Surfer On Acid in the Ratskeller, the bar underneath the Eureka Inn. It’s gone now.
I dabbled with 10. Hot Buttered Rum and had some drinks with
11. Tequilathat had a name but I don’t remember it. LOL!
Then, I met my best friend and she introduced me to
12. Mudslides
I had some awesome times….they’re a bit fuzzy..but they were fun. Then, Michelle and I started drinking
13. Crown Royal Whiskey
My preferred drink. Shots with a coke back are my favorite, but I often drink Crown and Coke. But I’ve had a little period of no booze (no money and had a newly sober BIL) so I think I’m longing for a little bit. LOL!



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9 responses to “Thirteen Steps In My Drinking Progression

  1. You are definitely more of a drinker than I am. If friends and I are getting together at someone’s house, I might have a fuzzy navel or two, and sometimes when we are out celebrating I might have a strawberry margarita, but those are very rare occasions.

  2. I’m not much of a drinker, but I admit I’m intrigued by “hot buttered rum”! LOL!

    The strongest thing I can manage is Bailey’s on ice. Heh. MMMMmmmm… tastes like candy! πŸ˜‰

  3. About the only thing I drink is white wine or wine coolers. I was at a party once where a bunch of us were playing our dumbecks and other drums for the belly dancers, and someone kept giving me these green drinks. I kept knocking them over while drumming. I still managed to get a little happy bcause this big blond viking kept making me drink rum and coke out of his horn. He was mighty pretty *cough* He married someone else year. Broke my heart.

  4. I suspect some parental influence. Kind of like my swiping sips of my mother’s Emerald Dry wine when I was a kid.

  5. I mainly drink wine or the odd beer now. I went through a margarita stage that ended very badly. I didn’t drink another margarita for years. πŸ˜‰

  6. I make a mean champagne punch, but that’s it. I’m not much in the way of a drinker.

    Happy TT.

  7. Shawna

    Ah, Jen. That’s more that we have in common! Michelob dark was the only beer I could swallow… literaly and figuratively.

    I love Mudslides… it tastes deceptively like a milk shake.

    Right now, I’m in a Pina colada phase, but it changes… a few months ago is was lemon martinis, before that mimosas… LOL I sound like I drink a lot. To give you perspective, the mimosa phase was around Easter. Yes, my whole family–cept the kids–spent the day slightly to a lot tipsy. There was good reason for it.

    Happy TT… late. ; )

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