A Day Late and Ten Thousand Dollars Short Just Sayin’

Yeah, I know. I’m late. But I’m here. Sort of.
To Life
I am NOT a nine year old boy who loves the twist, turns and scary drops of a roller coaster. I’m a staid, boring middle aged chick with children. This kind of jerking me around shit is NOT cool!
Just sayin’
To my subconscious
What’s with the WTF dream? Usually, you give me the straight up scary real nightmare where the monsters are all too human. I don’t usually have the “I think I took acid” dreams. Last night’s dream was weird and unsettling. Knock it off or I’ll take you to a therapist where all your dirty little secrets will be shaken out.
To Dominique, Shasta and Carina
All three of you are pissing me off. First, you all have taken turns messing with me this week. (I had another word in mind than “messing” but I decided to save the “f” bomb for more serious matters.) Dominique, you need to decide if you’re going to stop lying through your perfect teeth. Shasta, you need to decide what the hell this new idea for a threesome is all about. And Carina, your death wish is killing me. All three of you need a time out. No spankings. Two of you would like them and the other one would retaliate.
Just Sayin’
To The Idiots on Highway 101 Monday Morning
Seriously? Cal Trans shuts down ONE OFF RAMP (Herrick Ave) and it backs traffic up to King Salmon?? WTF? And to all you bastards who saw that the right lane was closed, but sped past the line of cars patiently waiting to shove your asses in further up the line? You suck. I have never seen so many rude, assholey drivers in one place. Well, not up here. I’ve been in the Bay Area and seen them. But still. Get a grip.
Just sayin’
To All The Politicians
I think this is the first year that I’ve felt like you are ALL a bunch of assholes I wouldn’t vote for in a dog judging contest much less in the upcoming election. Even candidates that I used to like have been eating toe jam. The Foot In Mouth disease, prevalent among your ilk, is getting worse, more vitriolic and much less entertaining. I’d rather vote for the rabid nutcase than you mother fuckers.
Just Sayin’
To The City Of Oakland
You lay off 80 officers and then expect crime to stay the same? Brilliant move. I mean, after all, that’s a great way to save money isn’t it? Don’t conserve or cut waste. Get rid of the thin blue line standing between you and utter chaos. Ya’ll are stupid.
Just sayin’



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2 responses to “A Day Late and Ten Thousand Dollars Short Just Sayin’

  1. Oh my god…I was totally in that huge traffic jam yesterday morning. You took the words right out of my brain. Seriously – WTF, people. xo

  2. Jen

    I totally didn’t get the attitudes of some out there. It was clear we were all in the same place, the same mess, but rather than just hang in there, they just had to be jerks.
    *sigh*. Thank God the off ramp was only closed one day.

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