Thirteen Reasons The Healthcare Here Sucks

Okay. I don’t have to tell you that I love Humboldt County. I do. But……
1. The Redneck was “too big” to have surgery here
because they didn’t have the equipment to do bariatric surgery for someone his size.
2. No communication with referred doctor
Even though they referred the Redneck to this doctor there has been NO cooperation between their offices.
3. No sleep study before the surgery
then when it came up, they blamed his FRESNO doctor. Um….
4. Problems with prescriptions
I had no problems with Clovis, but when I got home? *rolls eyes*
5. No good medical supplies at the local drug stores
The Redneck came home with a huge wound that requires dressing changes and packing. (Just call me nurse Nanny) and I can’t find ANY good stuff at the local stores. They suck ass.
6. Lack of good communication with us
Everything has been delayed and I think most of it stems from Humboldt’s healthcare.
7. The nearest wound care the Redneck’s doctor ordered is in Arcata
And the Redneck would have to drive himself. (that’s about 25 miles one way)
8. The Run Around
When I called to FIND wound care, I got a bunch of bullshit. It’s ridiculous!!!! Everything here is owned by the same stupid people. Why don’t they know whether there’s outpatient wound care in Fortuna? Grrrrr.
9. No one calls back
Leave a message? Um, no. I could wait for YEARS if I did that.
10. It’s better for me to do it myself apparently
The Redneck’s primary said that it was better to have me pack his wound that let the homecare here do it (they wouldn’t anyway) or go to Arcata. What is THAT saying?
11. Incompetence
I’ve spent a bunch of times in the ER this year. I have to say that comparing my experience at our local hospitals and Clovis Community? Ours is pretty bad.
12. Overloaded
I see very clearly that our healthcare workers are swamped here and companies won’t spend the money to have enough staff.
13. The Distance
Hell, if something goes wrong, they have to AIRLIFT people out of here.

It’s been a Loooooooooooooooong three weeks. I’d really like all this crap to be over with.
Nope. Dressing changes two times a day.
I want my insurance company to pay me damnit.



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26 responses to “Thirteen Reasons The Healthcare Here Sucks

  1. Ugh. That totally bites, Jennifer. I wish I could give you great advice – but I can’t. 😦

    You and the Redneck are in our thoughts.

  2. Just thirteen reasons why the health care system in this country sucks overall. Until politicians stop catering to the HMOs and big drug companies, nothing will ever be changed.

    • Jen

      It is SO frustrating to deal with some of the more negative aspects of our Health care system. I will say that Clovis Community Hospital was wonderful, clean and their staff rocked.

  3. It’s things like these points that make me want to scream when I hear about the California WellPoint’s CEO’s 50% raise from last year. Those millions of dollars could easily help provide better health care to California residents.

  4. Healthcare seems so complicated in the US.

  5. Stephanie Bennett

    Praying things start looking up for you soon, Jen. *Hugs* and love to you.

  6. Best wishes! I now grateful for my community in ways I hadn’t considered.

  7. Boy, do I hear you! You know about all the crap I went through with Mr Robin and his burst appendix. I’m sorry you and the Redneck have to deal with this crap.

    But did you happen to check my TT (and the post before it) last week? You won a signed copy of Enemy Overnight. You know how to contact me if you want it. (Come on, you know you want it…)

  8. So sorry for all the BS. I am soooo lucky to live in Ontario. I feel so bad when I hear of the nightmare in the States.
    Sending healing vibes to the hubby and warm hugs to his Nurse *wink

  9. Ugh, sorry to hear that you’re going through all of this. There’s some medical issues going on in our household too that I’m just not looking forward to dealing, but will have to very soon.

    I hope your insurance company steps up too, and that all of this will end soon for you. Best wishes to you, your husband and your family.

  10. wish i could offer more than just a “hang in there kid” … xoxoxoxx

  11. What a nightmare! Got my fingers crossed that nothing else goes wrong.

  12. I went to high school in Quincy, over in Plumas County. I feel your pain. TWICE we had to take people (ourselves!!) to Washoe, in Reno (75 mile drive one-way) because the dipshit local hospital is the dipshit local hospital.

    Good luck, hon. Hang in there.

  13. Healthcare generally sucks, in my opinion. Since i work for the largest insurance company in my state I can say that with real authority.

  14. Oh, I’m so sorry this happened. Health care sucks, and they’re just keep making cut backs but charge us more for less service.

    BTW, you were in my neck of the woods. I live in Madera that’s just 30 miles northing of Fresno.

    Happy TT.


  15. Sorry that was suppose to be north of Fresno.

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