Things are looking up….

….and the Redneck will be out of the hospital soon. Today or tomorrow barring any problems.
I’m exhausted. It seems like I’m not doing anything really, but I’m wrecked. I guess the stress is getting to me.
The hotel has been awesome and the kids have really stepped up.
I’m off to the hospital. Hopefully, all will go smoothly from here.



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5 responses to “Things are looking up….

  1. Sue

    I’m so glad to hear he gets to come home soon! You’ve been in my prayers hon. Let me know when you are home and settled in. Love you!

  2. Shawna

    Serious about the laundry… No, you won’t be imposing and I wouldn’t have asked unless I meant it… besides, you do the same for me. ; )

    I’m glad the hotel is being good to you!

  3. Attila the Mom

    I’ve been thinking about you. Glad to hear Hubby is doing better.


  4. jodi

    You know I care. (((hugs))) Don’t forget to drink water. It’s easy to forget when you’re stressed and getting dehydration headaches and queasiness on top of everything isn’t fun.

  5. Witchy Woman

    Jennifer, I’m so sorry to just find out about this. My uncle passed away recently. I haven’t have much time, what with helping my ailing grandpa, and assisting my mom through the grief.
    My prayers are with you and the Redneck.

    I’m on a first name basis with exhaustion, and his brother stress. This is the only year I’m actually looking forward to Back to School.

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