The Live Not Going To Conference Conference

So last night we finally got together. Melissa Blue, Shawna (writermom5 on Twitter) and I met at the Cheesecake Factory.
I was WAY early because I was eager to hang out with authors and so at 5:15, Mel and I grabbed a table and called Shawna. Poor Shawna had to run over since we’d told her six, but we were so damn early! She showed up a very short time later.
We left at midnight.
I haven’t laughed that hard in AGES! We had an awesome time and talked about everything from personal stuff to publishing stuff to Shawna’s non-fiction articles to Life In Fresno to my gothic werewolf hero to…we covered a lot of ground.
Ya’ll know I adore Mel. She’s one hot babe and we talk on the phone all the time. Shawna and I connected up online about four years ago and this is the first time we’ve met. I swear, there are just some people you “know” before you meet them.
Shawna talks like she writes–intelligent, witty and damn funny. Mel is a crack up. Of course, she’s convinced we can never go to RWA conference because we’ll get kicked out. It isn’t very often that you meet up with people who are not only damn smart but also really interesting. I’m convinced Shawna could make reading the phone book interesting.
But no, Shawna, I’m not going to plant a garden. LOL!
We dished on men, on publishing, on writing, on surviving the hard shit, on everything that we could cover in seven hours. I needed it so badly since the last few days were pretty rough.
It was fantastic. And when you consider that it was three introverted recluses getting together, we dominated the dining room.
The food was good. The cheesecake was better. The company was the best you could ever have.
The menu, however, was subjected to ridicule I’m afraid.
Sorry, Cheesecake Factory.
I think Mel knew how things were going to go when I said I was going to ask if glitter came with the “Glamburgers”. (Yes, really. The section for burgers was called “glamburgers”). Silver glitter, of course, because pink is too girlie.
And then, my favorite part of the menu. The “Weight Management Salads”. Makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? Yeah, me too.
We had an AWESOME time and, get this, there was NO ALCOHOL INVOLVED!
Apparently, we didn’t need it.
I’m hoping we’ll get another chance to hook up before I leave…though Shawna might change her phone number now…..
That’s okay, though. I know where she lives. Buhahahahahahaw.
I even have pics of all three of us. (Shawna had the waitress take one that I’ll link when she gets it up)
Mel first, then the lovely Shawna and then me. Well, first my boobs and then me.



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5 responses to “The Live Not Going To Conference Conference

  1. Yay! What a great meetup, and the timing couldn’t have been better. So glad you got to do this.

  2. Jen

    Me too, Cara. It was AWESOME!!!!

  3. LOL My phone number will not change. How else would I continue to stalk you?

    It was GREAT! You are both wonderful ladies and I’m so glad to meet you face to face.

    And no need to plant a garden, sweetie. Spare the plants. ; )

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  5. Jen

    LOL, Shawna!!!!!! No worries. Everything green runs like hell from me.
    I’ll call soon!

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